Modern Warfare 3 could sell more than Battlefield 3 and DICE/EA could still be the victor writes: "The reason why I make such a bold statement is because I believe this is a heavy weight fight that will not see the victor be crowned this fall, but rather in the next few years at the start of the next console cycle. Sadly Battlefield 3 will not out sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, however BF3 will be the start of what will be the rise of the Battlefield brand into a mainstream consumer base and this is why Electronic Arts and DICE should have a lot to celebrate for going forward."

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yoge2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Modern warfare will sell more because there are so many people that play it.

SixZeroFour2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

lets always remember that when reading one of warprincess' posts, opinion never equals fact

awiseman2739d ago

What is this? I dont even...o wait its warprincess..carry on

ATiElite2739d ago

usually i laugh and try not to pay any attention to Warprincess116 but in this case if she thinks COD is more fun then that's just HER opinion and not fact.

We all know COD will do another 15 million easily cause it's an easy fun game to get into. EA is looking to do 10 million with BF3. COD is basically all Activision has (excluding the Blizzard side) meanwhile EA has a long list of titles so COD has to sale big.

as far as fun each his/her own. I just hope you have actually played BF2 and not just trolled the comment.

MariaHelFutura2739d ago

The Media is the REAL Modern Warfare.

ATiElite2739d ago

Because the BF2 community is still very very large and active even after 4 years since the game was released. BFBC2 sold around 8 million units and is still selling well. BF3 pre-orders are closing in on a million and it's 4 months till it comes out. I'm sure it's game over when DICE reveals more during E3.

Activision on the other hand are winners too. Black Ops MW2 and MW1 have all sold over 16 million copies each with BO doing 22 million with MW3 guaranteed to do 10 million. Say what you want about COD but Activision got PAID in FULL!

I'm gonna toss Halo 4 into the mix as well cause it's a proven winner. I'm no fan of the series but it's a series that does huge numbers, quality development, and has a great following. I just hope Halo 4 steps up to another level minus Bungie.

Trunkz Jr2738d ago

Actually, BF2 came out 2005 so it's not 4 years, it's more like 6 ^^

I'm actually glad for Call of Duty, because it keeps a good % of people that don't know how to use teamwork out of the Battlefield series of games.

Trunkz Jr2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

P.S Black ops will be my last CoD, too similar to all the past CoD's (i skipped MW2) so thats 1 less sale :P

If anyone else realizes their wash and repeat cycle, they'll lose on more sales as well.

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NYC_Gamer2739d ago

gameplay should be the only thing gamers worry about

GameZenith2739d ago

Which is why in the long-term, this benefits EA/DICE because they essentially have the better gameplay that is not only better, but cutting-edge and never before seen.

This IS a sneak peak into the next generation of gaming.

rabidpancakeburglar2739d ago

Battlefield will be the victor if they just make up a sizeable gain on the number of cod players

Kran2739d ago

MW will sell more because its CoD.

But Battlefield 3 will get the netter review scores.

Convas2739d ago

Really? I can see IGN doing something as follows:

Battlefield 3 is a great game. On PC, the graphics are astounding, on consoles, they are a big step up from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The gameplay is fresh, lots of different scenarios, it's just something you don't get very often in a shooter.

That being said, it's not call of duty, and furthermore it's too beautiful and it's plays too well. It's not in 60 frames per second, and nobody's shouting "BRAVO TANGO CHARLIE HOSTILE DOWN" every ten seconds.

It's a 10 of 10 shooter wrapped up in a 7 of 10 package.

Kran2739d ago

:O Can you see the future? o.O

Trunkz Jr2738d ago

You don't need to see the future to understand how IGN are CoD fans more then they are BF fans. BF3 will probably get 9.0 but they will surely give MW3 9.5 or even a 10.

Doesn't matter what they think anyway, if your a fan of BF then you know this game is a 10, 64 players vs CoD 18 or so? lol @ CoD

Dart892739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Let me break it down for everyone.


BF3=Amazing game play and amazing graphics.

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