Amazon gives post-launch discount to Brink is discounting the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the recently-released first-person shooter, Brink, a week after it launched in North America.

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Jack-H2742d ago

If only amazon could make me not disappointed with a game I had been looking forward to over a year only to discover the embarrassing LACK of content. Should have waited for reviews. *shakes head* .... and LOL at the "parkour" yeah... a climb feature isn't exactly what I was expecting. There's my piece and now I feel better.

joydestroy2742d ago

we're getting free DLC in June which includes maps plus "additional content"...

Jack-H2742d ago

that's pretty cool. I honestly didn't know that. I'm still holdin onto mine hoping it catches on. Thanks for the info

joydestroy2742d ago

yeah np!
apparently it's because of "lag". i say it like that because i haven't experience any lag on PS3 and i've played multiple lengthy sessions on there.

this game is/will mostly catch on with those that enjoy team fortress 2. basically the same thing and there are some crazy avid fans of that game. my roommate is one of them and he plays it like every day even though it's a little old now.

but yeah man, if you get a good team, esp like i've been getting, it's a lot of fun.

which platform do you play it on?

Jack-H2741d ago

ps3. Yeah I've never had any lag either.

Oschino19072740d ago

"and LOL at the "parkour" yeah... a climb feature isn't exactly what I was expecting."

Wow didnt know someone could be this ignorant. It obvious you havnt played the game or looked at a review from someone who actually understands and likes what this game is meant to be. I find it to be very fun and addicting, game is way deeper then many give credit and of course its gonna be lame when you play it lame and dont fully utilize whats at your finger tips. This is a thiking mans FPS, no wonder the tard from COD cant grasp it...

guitarded772742d ago

Not good enough... I'll wait for the $20-$30 price point.