Video Games: Not Mainstream Yet

The Weekend Gamer has an editorial cautioning gamers about thinking that we've come farther than we actually have into the mainstream of entertainment culture.

"Video game aren't as mainstream as we think we are. This year's casual games boom has certainly increased the amount of people who are playing video games, and most people know what a "Wii" is, but we have a long way to go.

As I look over various gaming site forums, people talk as if a few stories in the national news media and the popularity of the Wii means that gaming has become accepted, that we no longer have to be careful about who we relate our passion to, that most people get it. There are constant stories in the media about the growth of gaming into a mainstream industry–I've even covered some of the statistics myself. But you'll never find me making the assumption that video games aren't still viewed as foreign and childish by a majority of people–let's not get ahead of ourselves."

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