First NHL 12 Screenshot Features Winter Classic and Goalie Interference

A few big new features revealed in the first screenshot for NHL 12.

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Emilio_Estevez2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Awesome, sometimes you just gotta take out the goalie, it's worth the penalty

Jamegohanssj52770d ago

The one thing I hate aboot Hockey games is the fact their prices only drop after or around the time a new one is coming out. Our Walmart still has NHL 11 for 60 bucks and I wanted it but I can't dish out 60 bucks when a new one is right around the corner. Meaning a totally new roster and everything.


Emilio_Estevez2770d ago

Yeah, I didn't even pick up 11 this year even though the demo was really good. I loved the physics. I'll prolly get 11 when 12 comes out.

Jamegohanssj52770d ago

I don't even think I played the demo. I just wanted an updated roster lol. Since I couldn't get 11 I just got 09 used for 10 bucks and still had fun :).


AnonUser55552770d ago

Just throwing it out there: If your life is such that $60 is breaking the bank, don't you have bigger worries than the latest video games?

lochdoun2770d ago

Winter Classic!
Fenway Park better be playable.

Joe29112770d ago

Wooo can't wait to hear more!

mcstorm2770d ago

Sounds good but im looking forward to seeing what 2k offer this time roind as they have been working on there game for 2 years as they did not have a 360 or ps3 release last year.

ZeroX98762770d ago

nice! goalie inteference is an interesting feature. Winter classic for the win!