Why Assassin's Creed: Revelations Makes Me Nervous

Considering the franchise's wonderfully crafted game-play experience and "wft" surprise endings to each installment, GxC's SleeplessColin goes over some concerns over the upcoming highly anticipated Assassin's Creed sequel.

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Swiftfox2738d ago

Personally, nothing stated in those games was overly hard to follow.

The Assassin's Creed 1 ending wasn't really a "WTF" ending, more of just a bad ending.

The Assassin's Creed 2 ending was much better and hardly the "WTF" people are making it out to be. Least those of us that read a book now and then.

Having said that though, the fear that Ubisoft will continue to try to not answer questions and consistently cliff hang the ending to push a new Assassin's Creed out every year is a legitimate concern.

HeavenlySnipes2738d ago

@ Ass Creeds 1's ending. All this shit on the wall. I have Ass Creed 2 but it is really too repetitive for my liking. Yes Ass Creed 1 was more repetitive, but that was my seconds game I ever played this gen (it was mind-blowing seeing those graphics back then).

Maybe if they promoted stealth more so you could literally become so unseen and unexpected that you can be a sort of myth because no one actually sees you for real doing assassinations. As it is, for some reason, every time you assassinate someone you MUST alert the whole city and go through either a chase sequence or kill them all(using the counter kill exploit that is STILL in the game from Ass Creed 1).

dinkeldinkse2738d ago

I was doing one of the challenges in Brotherhood and I killed 87 people in a row before being hit. That is ridiculous unless your name is Kratos.

BushLitter2738d ago

In AC 1, it's possible to assassinate one of the last targets (the guy on the boat) without alerting anyone.

And in AC 2 most of the targets can be taken out without alerting anyone. It just depends on how you go about it and on how patient you are ;)

I was thinking it would be cool to have a cover system. Not that it would enhance the gameplay necessarily, it would just fit in terms of the overall atmosphere of the game.

HeavenlySnipes2738d ago

LOL that was actually the one I tried the most to assassinate. It was not possible to get on the boat without him seeing you. I killed every guard but he just stood at the ledge of the only side of the boat where you could get on it. I tried countless times then gave you and rushed him.

BushLitter2738d ago

I can't remember precisely how (it was some time back now) but I managed to get to the boat with out anyone seeing me. I was hanging of the side of the boat - the target sort of does this patrol, then stops - then patrols again. I waited near where he stops as there was no one around him and the guards face the other direction - and then... POUNCED ON HIS ASS :)

No alert nothing. At the time i remember being surprised coz every other assassination led to Hell's army being unleashed - so it was weird that everything was so quiet after killing the guy.

At first I though it was a glitch - Then i just gave myself the credit :)

But in AC 2, you can do it almost all the time - there are a few where it's scripted and you have no choice - but it's definitely possible.

Same with brotherhood

Theonetheonly2738d ago

I think the only reason it makes you nervous is because you have anxiety. you should go get check out if a video-game is making you nervous.

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BushLitter2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I agree man

I haven't struggled to follow the ending. Sure it was very 'airy' but the idea is to establish a sense of mystery. I think they have succeeded. The incredible sales of the game is testament to the fact that there are millions out there who want to know how this is all going to resolve.

I enjoyed the article, especially how the writer says that even though he personally doesn't like the endings, he still enjoys the game.

At the same time, I hope that all these WTF endings are resolved cleverly. Nothing would be worse than to get through it all and have an anti-climax at the end - ***cough -matrix 3 - cough***

The Lost series ended on a cliffhanger every episode, and even still the last few episodes o season 6 made you feel like this was all part of a well-constructed saga.

Let's hope the writers of the AC franchise have already worked out where the series is heading and not winging it game by game. That would not do the last three games any justice

Can't wait...

Lirky2738d ago

Reminds me how kojima productions milked mgs franchise both games are good franchises, but sometimes they need a break for their reboot.

Rilue2738d ago

The AC franchise makes me sad.
AC1 left so much potential for awesome sequels but I really feel like, after AC1, the series has gradually lost the attraction that made me interested in the first place and wanting to see where it would go next.

MidnytRain2738d ago

In the article.

BigBoss072738d ago

I've enjoyed the games so far and feel that they at least improve the story, gameplay, and overall fun factor everytime they make a new one. 1 and 2s endings were WTF moments because they're really the only time we here about the people that came before, but with Brotherhood and soon Revelations, I feel like they are trying to answer the questions from the first two to lead us to the last game, AC3. I'm super pumped to see whats in store for the series.

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