OXM: Battlefield 3's best map? Revisiting Wake Island

OXM UK: "What goes into a really awesome multiplayer first-person shooter map? Blind alleys and choke points? Wide open spaces and high precipices? A carefully arranged roster of spawn points and ammo drops? Graffiti, loose newspapers and other nuggets of fossilised backstory? Planes? Tanks? Or all of the above and more?"

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RedDead2763d ago

Strike at Karkand has been my Favorite I think honestly.

Hairy Chewie2763d ago

BF1942 was the first real "hardcore" game I had when I was a kid. Wake Island with the carriers, submarines and island combat was just awesome.

gcolley2763d ago

wake island has always been awesome, even on 1943. love that map

bumnut2763d ago

I hope they take the 1943 approach and have both teams starting off on a carrier either side of the island.

In BF2 I played countless games where the attacking side could not even get to the island, which got annoying.

Shackdaddy8362763d ago

Wake Island is wonderful and all but I like Strike at Karkand better. They just made the map so well for every class.