Weekend Sales Thursday May 19th

Player Affinity writes: "We've found some great deals for you this weekend online, including one special, magical, bewitching sale on a cult-classic RPG, so grab your credit cards, and take a look at this crop of weekend game sales!"

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rrquinta2768d ago

Hard to beat getting the original Witcher for $5. Already own it, though.

ATiElite2768d ago

it's the Enhanced Edition which is really better than the regular version.

Lots of graphical improvements and some story additions plus it fixes all the bugs.

Well worth the $5 even if you own the regular edition.

Croash2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

As far as I'm concerned, everyone who owns the regular edition of The Witcher can download the Enhanced Edition patch.

This is how CD Projekt Red did it. Replace all retail and downloadable versions of the game and give "old" players the upgrade for free.

And this is why CD Projekt Red is awesome.

LegitimateJournalist2768d ago

It's the extra-fancy Special, Ultra Director's Platinum Plus Edition too!