Head2Head: Best Looking Engine This Year? (Hooked Gamers)

Every year we see a huge improvement in graphics in our games. With a few new engine upgrades being revealed and used this year, it is our duty as gamers to compare them in our usual shallow way.

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awiseman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I love how they put images of Crysis 1 and labeled them as Crysis 2....

also..happy nightmares

CrimsonEngage2766d ago

FROSTBITE > Unreal > Everything else.

Angels37852766d ago

Unreal technology is middleware and has never been the benchmark developers shoot for. Frostbite 2.0 however looks very very promising.

HeavenlySnipes2766d ago

thing was nice, but that wasn't realistic. It was basically, heres what we can do on a super computer, enjoy.

Guerilla Games engine could render this

But to make it playable they have to cut back on the graphical fidelity.

CrimsonEngage2766d ago

Realistic or not, it's still an Engine and it's currently one of the best out there.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2766d ago

CryEngine 3 (Crysis 2 on PC using dx11) >>
Frostbite 2.0 (BF3 on PC using dx11) >>
RED Engine (Withcer 2, on PC using dx11) >>
CryEngine 2 (Crysis/Warhead on PC using dx10) >>

Anything that you mentioned. These may not be 100% perfect for order of best looking but these games are at the top of graphics and they all reside on PC.

LightofDarkness2766d ago

Looks like this guy spent about 7 seconds researching this article. Seriously, that's a CE3 alpha shot and a shot from Crysis Warhead, a CE2 game.

In all categories, Frostbite 2.0 is ahead of the rest. The only thing that can best it is UE3.9 or whatever that Samaritan demo was called, but I refuse to count it as no game has been shown running on this tech yet, unlike the others.

waterboy2766d ago

according to the pc brigade ofcourse

Hitman11872766d ago

Dead Island actually looks quite promising. It's definitely gonna be on my watch list come E3.

SleazyChimp2765d ago

The id tech 5 engine was left out of this article. It easily ranks up there. But that frost bite 2 is just wicked.