Okami Wii: First look

Games Radar reports: "Okami was brilliant on PS2, its lush visuals and dreamy atmosphere combining to excellent effect and helping to make it one of the console's greatest games. Even the 'draw shape/line to trigger attack/event' gameplay, which could have been awkward, worked adequately with the analogue sticks."

"But on Wii, the paintbrush now commanded with a flick of the Wiimote, Okami comes together like a masterpiece. At least, we expect it to. Our first look comprised of the first trailer at a recent Capcom event, complete with details on how this Nintendo-bound edition will work. But we've yet to brush test the motion-controls for ourselves. Even so, when the idea makes so much sense, how can it fail to work out wonderfully?"

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M_Prime4068d ago

it looked cool on the ps2.. so i think i will at least rent this... since i'm strapped for cash now.. but looks really really good... (art style) and i think with the wii controls done right this can certainly be something that won't feel gimmicky..

Charlie26884068d ago

I REALLY hope they can do justice to the masterpiece Okami is, and by the way MR. Gamesradar article writer

"when the idea makes so much sense, how can it fail to work out wonderfully?" the same was said about a LOT of Wii games that ended up with HORRIBLE controls so dont get your hopes just yet >.>

mccomber4068d ago

and that it gets the sales it deserved on the ps2.

Umbrella Corp4068d ago

sweet im buying this,every few days im using my wii more often then usual.