Mass Effect 3 to 'break some hearts' writes "Grab your favourite box of tissues and leave a tub of Häagen-Dazs to warm up on the counter, because Mass Effect 3 is going to have some sad scenes in it.

"Got to see a beautiful and emotional scene with real voices in. It's gonna break some hearts," said BioWare writer Patrick Weekes on Twitter.

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Alos882768d ago

I figured there would be such scenes, you don't complete a story as epic as Mass Effect's without some tearjerker moments.

DoomeDx2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

So far, the only game that made me 'cry' is Heavy Rain

Btw, title is actually a spoiler lol. Pretty much confirms that an important characther dies.

Ascalon942768d ago

I didn't cry in heavy rain but i shit a brick when i found out who the origami killer was

beastgamer2767d ago


Redgehammer2767d ago

I have alsways figured that since Shepherd was brought back once, he would meet death again at the end of ME3, but I hope not.

qface642768d ago

i doubt that i can't think of anything ME3 could do that would make me feel even slightly bad unless they decided to permanently wipe out your entire crew but that would make me more mad than sad

Kalowest2768d ago

"they decided to permanently wipe out your entire crew"
Can't you do that in ME2

unknownhero11232768d ago

you can but only if it's your choosing.

Sony3602767d ago

Poor you and your inability to engage yourself.

stealth500k2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

what breaks my heart is the loss of more rpg elements. Sad scenes I can handle. When that tetris line fills up and all the blocks dissapear.

Thats sadness

NYC_Gamer2768d ago

fully agree,i'm about to just stop buying games produced by bioware...

grifter0242768d ago

Agree completely. This might be the last game I buy from EAWARE just because of what they did to Mass Effect.

I actually can see Shep dying outright just due to this being the ending of his story.

EA you have to know that they are going to milk the ME franchise to death and there is no way that Bio can bring in new faces if the big bad Shep that killed and saved Earth is still out there.

Why would you ask some nobody for help when you have Shep?

From what I've heard seems your going to have to choose between allegiances in the last game...
save Tali or side with the geth
Save Wrex's race or side with Mordin

Wonder what they have in store.

Redgehammer2767d ago

Mass Effect is the only series I have ever bought from Bioware.

wallis2767d ago

I was thinking this upon reading the headline as well funnily enough. I could picture us all debating the possible deaths that might upset us whilst bioware chuckle to themselves cause they know the truth.

Lets not forget dragon age II broke enough hearts as it was. And apparently beta testers haven't had good things to say about old republic either.

Sheikah2767d ago

YES ! I was going to post "Break some hearts? So they're indefeinately omitting RPG elements from this "RPG"?" - but you beat me to it sir. Hat tipped at you sir... In fact, much headwear tipped at you

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2768d ago

i thought that this was going to be an article on how it's going to be more action oriented, and less rpg.

judging by other fan comments on this site, i don't think they'd like that.

news4geeks2768d ago

nooooo :(

There are only a few games that I ever get emotionally attached into their universe and Mass Effect is one of them. I feel like I've been through the journey with all the characters. Such a nerdy thing to say but it's true.

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The story is too old to be commented.