Toggle Crouch Looks at "The Lost Art of Game Manuals"

Toggle Crouch's contributing editor Mr. Frost looks back at the "Lost Art of Game Manuals". "Looking back on my childhood I can remember with much clarity my love affair with game manuals. When I would receive a brand new game the first thing I would find myself doing is flipping through the game manual; not so much because I was using it to learn to play the game but more for the artwork and detail that was put into them. I can remember when I first got my “Legend of Zelda” for my birthday in 1987 and looking at the beautiful illustrations of Link doing all sorts of strange things along with the creatures that can be found in the game. Another great game manual from that time period was from “Castlevania”, the art work inside was quite quirky and very enjoyable to look through. Come to think of it, many of the game titles from the NES period were full of great illustrations and added much to the experience of purchasing a video game. This became a time honored tradition that compan...

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Mikeyy2743d ago

Some pics would have been nice, I skimmed the article and got bored.

AngelusTacos2743d ago

@ Mikeyy thanks for your time to read our article and your input. We will try to keep that in mind for next time