Tell Time PlayStation Style

Taito has created two very stylish analog clocks for PlayStation fans that highlight the brand nicely.

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branchedout2767d ago

Looks neat, but for $40 dollars, it's way too expensive. At that price point, you start going "It's just a round paper cutout in a plain clock."

I love me some Sony, but I don't like them that much.

Soldierone2767d ago

You could just get a design, print it out, and place it into a clock. It doesn't really take a rocket scientist to figure out the dimensions lol

If he painted on the actual trim around it, and did some more then Id buy it. Otherwise drop it to ten bucks then ill buy it, saves me the time of doing it myself.

BTW I thought the headlines was referring to Sony's constant delays lmao. I wonder when NGP will actually release, maybe it will be on time for once.

NobleRed2767d ago

How I'm supposed to read the black clock? It should have white dots.


It have white pointers, just align both hour and minute pointing up and consider it 12:00 (there is a white PS logo in the 12 position to make it easier, but actually the trick works for any clock, you can have "your 12" wherever you want).

The reading is pretty easy if you are used to analog clocks and know where markers should be.

I have some analog wristwatchs with no markers too, is weird at the beginning but you get used pretty fast.

FunAndGun2767d ago

It's half past Triangle, a quarter to Square, and in two more Circles it will be X O'clock.

Blaine2767d ago

It's PlayStation time, all the time!

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