Konami reveals North American release date for No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

With the European version of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise launching today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced the release date for the North American version.

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sinncross2470d ago

I wonder if good sales could result in a port of the 2nd title.

of course there is the boss situation... so whereas in this you can 'dream' the boss fights from NMH2 to play them, they can make it that you reminiscence on the boss fights from NMH.

TOO PAWNED2470d ago

I will get this eventually but this isn't 60$ game.

LoaMcLoa2470d ago

Uuh, why wouldn't it be?

LeXxXiNgToN2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

The game is not going for 60, I just checked amazon and its going for 40.

BiggCMan2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

It was originally a $50 Wii title. Its now on PS3 with trophies added, enhanced graphics, Move support, and extra content. Thats not worth the extra money to you? Dang.

EDIT: So its going to be a $40 title, thats even better, and well worth it. I do hope they port the sequel as well.

qface642470d ago

@BiggCMan no its not trophies and enhanced graphics that add nothing new to the game are not worth more money
the extra content MAYBE but there is not enough content to justify the extra price IF IT IS a $60 game

no even if this sells good it wont guarantee a port of the sequel MMV are the ones who made the port konami is just publishing it over here so they will get the $$$ not MMV so MMV themselves wouldn't have the incentive for porting the sequel

they only published it in japan
you would have to hope they decide to port the sequel for japan and wait for someone to pick it up for the states and so forth

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Rampaged Death2470d ago

I would love a HD version of NMH2.

ZBlacktt2470d ago

Rather hear about MGS5 being at E3 this year, lol....

LeXxXiNgToN2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I just checked and looks like the game will be going for $40 msrp :)

Der_Kommandant2470d ago

I'll buy anything with the name SUDA 51 on it

jc485732470d ago

so red zone equals paradise?

LeXxXiNgToN2470d ago

word is that red zone and this are the same game.

BiggCMan2470d ago

Heres what all the different versions are. Paradise was released last year in Japan only, but without Move support. Paradise in North America is being released with Move support, and is being re-released as Red Zone in Japan, because they already came out with Paradise.

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