New Type of Halo 3 Jump Discovered

Two members of the Halo community found a new type of jump (being referred to as an "overjump" or "ledge jump" or "ghost-jump") that is sure to change the dynamics of Halo 3 competition. They also bring back the Halo 2 slide jumping technique. In this video they demonstrate some of the jumps they've discovered using their techniques.

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THAMMER14042d ago

I'll open a brand new can of Woop @SS tonight.

The BS Police4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

And I reccomend anyone to report anyone who uses these exploits as cheating outside of custom games.

Unless if Bungie states otherwise.

Vespertine4042d ago

I'm tired of people that do this just because they can't play the game right.

wageslave4042d ago

These are not glitches. Bungie designed the maps with snipe points.

These arent "overjumps" or "techniques" at all. Its called "jumping to hard to reach places".

If Bungie *didnt* want you there, they wouldnt have included them. Its not cheating at all. Its called "depth of gameplay".

jackdoe4042d ago

That's why it is called a glitch. Something that you don't want there, but included anyway.

napiert4042d ago

it's pretty obvious that they tweaked the gravity in a custom game, who cares really if they can preform these moves inside a ranked match, without mods it's legal. It gives them no advantage except for making them sniper bait, and takes them far away from the fight. pretty cool though i have to admit.

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The story is too old to be commented.