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gamrFeed's Stew Shearer argues on whether Portal 2 is insensitive towards adopted children or if some people are just hypersensitive.

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gillri2765d ago

the later!

easy, case closed, will this be the case that makes me?

teething2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

A small portion of people are highly sensitive. I have thicker skin myself, but I can respect people like the dad in the story who are overly-sensitive due to unique personal situations.

However, I think the real issue here is the media. They are always looking for the next hot controversial topic. Controversy and bad news sells... so it gets reported. We think it must be bad because the media reports it, and takes it out of context.

On that note, games have begun to get clever and manipulate the media for free exposure. Think MW, Bulletstorm, Metal of honor, Duke Nukem,etc. etc.

Speakindatruth2765d ago

I think you mean "latter", but yeah, completely understand.

zootang2765d ago

Not really. My bother in law is adopted and I was shocked when I first heard it and I wouldn't recommend him to get the game. I couldn't imagine how it would make him feel.

GrieverSoul2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

With all due respect, is your brother in law treated well? Does he know how lucky he is to have a loving and caring family that embraced him even though he is not blood related to them? He is a really lucky guy to just have a family. So, he shouldnt even be bother by this. Its humor!

Klaykid1232765d ago

It wasn't really poking fun at adopted children. It didn't say "Oh, you are a sad kid who was adopted and so are every other adopted child out there."

GLADoS hates Chell so she tries to bring her down, and that was one of her weaknesses.

pangitkqb2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Boo freakin hoo.

If you called me "fatty" - cuz I do sport some extra pounds - I then have two options: 1) I can be very hurt and offended and make a big freaking deal of it, or 2) I can move on with my life and not care.

BEING OFFENDED IS A CHOICE. Too many people choose to be offended.

P.S. My best friend is adopted. We CONSTANTLY tease him about it. We point out unattractive homeless people and say "Hey bro, it's ur real dad!"

What does he do? He LAUGHS. In fact, he has commented many times about how freaking dumb it is to be offended about adoption. Hell, he sometimes even says, "Hey, Dad!" as a joke back.

We can all sit around and be sad and hurt and angry...or freaking live our lives.

koh2765d ago

I disagree with zootang, but I'm gunna give him a bubble because I have no idea why people would take one from him. He's entitled to an opinion and everyone can draw their own line of decency.

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swirldude2765d ago

Too sensitive. So many worse things are said in this world.

SSKILLZ2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Getting away from the point much , the point is portal 2 said some hurtfull things to adopted children , now imagine a fan of the game that was adopted or someone just picking up the game, how would it make them feel, this being part of their gaming experice , remember that this game is FPS and your in that characters shoes and the game is rated E for everyone so ... Yeah there you have it . Be The Voice of Reason.

It's not about being sensitive , it's about calling out what's fucked up

Charmers2765d ago

The game also made fun of fat people. Oddly enough I don't see anyone complaining about that now. I also imagine there are a hell of a lot more fat people playing Portal 2 than there are adopted people playing the game.

This is a classic example of people being too sensitive. It was a bit of dark humour that is all but naturally we can't have that can we in case someone, somewhere might be potentially upset by it.

swirldude2765d ago

You're entitled to that opinion, as much as I disagree with you. However, Portal 2 is rated E10+ by the ESRB. By 10 years old or more, I believe, as a parent, you should be more honest with your child when it comes to whether he/she is adopted and how to handle adoption insults. After all, children even younger than 10 hurl bad insults at each other time. If you keep shielding them from it, they'll never learn how to persevere through the harsh realities of the real world.

Brock Danger2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Context, context, context, context.

GlaDOS hates Chell, this is obvious throughout the entire game. Isolate this one insult, and it sounds like something bad (I guess).

But play the game, become aware of the dark humor going on, and have fun with it. GlaDOS is your enemy - not your friend. And she's talking to the damn character, not to the player.

By your weak argument, should I be offended because the horde in Gears threatens to kill me? Or should I write a letter because the Covenant are waging a religious war against my beliefs?

Nexus, your argument holds zero water. And I'm sorry, but swirldude is right. This is nothing compared to what the real world offers in way of crushing insult. Get over it.

Spectator12765d ago

Yes, people are way too bloody sensitive.

khuutra2765d ago

Well this is going to be a kettle of fish now innit.

Torillian2765d ago

No matter what you do someone will be offended, at some level there's really no point in worrying about it. I can't imagine Valve writers were maliciously trying to hurt some adopted kid's feelings, they just went with similar insults as the first game.

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