Top 10 Multiplayer PSN Games

Botchweed: "To release a list of the best multiplayer games on the Playstation Network at a time when the PSN Store remains inaccessible may seem ironic, or even distasteful. Nevertheless, there are many people who are itching to spend their hard-earned money on some top-quality games once the doors of the Store re-open, and here are 10 games that all multiplayer fans should own.

Seeing myself as something of a social gamer (paradox, I know), this list is based more on local rather than online multiplayer games. Games that will have you giggling joyously with your mates, but also punching them and giving them dead arms in competitive frustration."

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Emilio_Estevez2739d ago

Fat Princess is awesome! 4 player drop-in/out anytime, online or not is great.