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Submitted by Rowland 3031d ago | review

Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Eurogamer Review Scores 9/10

Whatever the ins and outs are of Tomb Raider: Anniversary's protracted passage to the Xbox 360 there's plenty to celebrate about this tardy conversion. First up, Eidos has been smart enough to release the game at mid-price, with most UK retailers pricing it at just GBP 24.99 for the boxed version. (Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Xbox 360)
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predator  +   3031d ago
i was on edge about this but looks like ill get it now
QUNE  +   3031d ago
Me also...
Having not played it yet, it appears that they revamped the worlds from the first game and made them better.
I think devs would have success doing this for other games also. Keeping it mid-priced would be popular also.

I'm actually hoping that Slant Six does this for the SOCOM series. The only problem is that nobody know wtf is going to happen with this game because lack of news.
predator  +   3031d ago
i know it seems like where the only people who like tomb raider games on this site witch is a shame cos there really good games
SuicidalTendencies  +   3031d ago
I still enjoy Tomb Raider games. I am looking forward to this games release on the 360.
Sam Fisher  +   3030d ago
shes hot

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