DiRT 3 Requires Install On Playstation 3

TGH Writes: "DiRT 3 is the highly anticipated next entry to Codemasters series of racing titles. We thought that our readers should know what kind of dent they are in for if they plan on purchasing on Playstation 3."

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dragonyght2470d ago

lol glad to know but why this is news

The Meerkat2470d ago


I have a 360S 250 and I install EVERY game before i play. It take 5 or 6 mins while i get my munchies ready.

2470d ago
Apocwhen2470d ago

I wish the PS3 let you install games to the HDD like the 360 does.

Maybe not practical for some of the 1st party exclusives that are using most of the Blu ray disc but it sure would be handy for multi-platform games.

2v12470d ago

do u still need the disc to play?

chase1672470d ago

better than install 3 disc on my system

earbus2470d ago

I will do a full install that game will be fused to my 360,skipped brink an la noir for this ill come back to them.

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The story is too old to be commented.