Konami Plans a "Variety" of Game Titles for NGP

Konami has recently revealed that it has a “variety” of game titles planned for the NGP. With the anticipated arrival of the NGP later this year, it comes as no surprise that big gaming manufacturers like Konami are catering their market towards the new console. The announcement came when Konami was speaking about their latest financial results.

3DS gamers can also be assured that they will get a variety of new games this year. From Konami, Metal Gear Solid Snake Easter is already confirmed to be on the way. Although the 3DS will be seeing some great games, the majority of quality titles are likely to be saved for the NGP.

Konami is a leading producer in the portable gaming world and is responsible for creating numerous popular titles. For 2010, their biggest release was Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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a_bro2594d ago

awesome!!! Konami will surely deliver

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DA_SHREDDER2594d ago

Just give me ZOE, i dont care if its ps3 or NGP.

StitchJones2594d ago

Is the NGP coming out this year? Should we even get excited at this point?

stuntman_mike2594d ago

I reckon the NGP will come out next year in US/Europe march and this year at christmas time for japan.

stealth500k2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I think its the opposite.

This year for US and next year for europe and japan

Dont take japan as the barameter. The psp is selling the best in japan because its the cheapest option. When the ds came out the gba was number 1 because it was the cheapest. The wii has been number 1 for over 5 years. Its a pattern

stuntman_mike2594d ago

yeah I was thinking that at first but seeing how the PSP is out selling everything in Japan at the moment I'm sure it would be more receptive.

Tommykrem2594d ago

PES, MGS and more then :D

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