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The PlayStation Network is finally back. Peace has been restored to earth. We can all get on with our lives and get back to online gaming. Despite the PSN making a return, the PlayStation Store is still down, so there’s no new downloadable games available, and considering the 3 weeks of downtime, we’re a little behind.

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iamnsuperman2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. I know it isn't that good but I like the more realistic shooter and it is the most realistic FPS on the consoles. Kind of addictive too.

UnbiasedGamer2738d ago

Well unfortunately it's not up for many gamers such as me...from May 15th when it was supposed to be up, I requested a new password via email...between that time it went down again..but two days later was up and running, I finally got the email I was waiting for..guess what... the password reset site is down now...yeah gamers are still frustrated and angry..that they can't go on PSN even till this day...



I'm kind of in the same boat.

My main account (the one I play in) is brazillian, so I use real adress, name and e-mail in it... But my old e-mail is no longer valid and I need it to receive that password reset link...

To add insult to injury, since it's a brazillian account it don't have a Store. This means it can't be properly activated on the system (so the only way to reset passowrd is through mail, for this outage and any possible futuret problem) and can't be accessed through PC to edit (I can enter my data on but don't get any options after I'm signed in, it just says no store in my region).

So I can't change that sign-in ID nor password myself... Already contacted my local Sony support but they can't help me (apparently Sony Brasil isn't handlinng anything within PlayStation brand, SCEA itself is) and I e-mailed SCEA support 2 days ago and again today... So far I received no answer (no surprise there, it's a not so usual case and they are really busy right now) but I'm not in a hurry...

As far as I'm getting it back sooner or later it's OK, I just don't want to have to create another account, add all friends again and look at all those trophies that I'd lost (over 1500 if I remember right)... To tell the truth, I don't feel like playing online on other account right now and don't think I will any soon... I may as well just keep playing offline for some time (afterall L.A. Noire and InFamous 2 are about to release and are both quite long single player games).

badz1492738d ago

ARGHH...seriously now, I want my PSN back!

soundslike2738d ago

I was thinking about picking up a flashpoint if I saw it cheap. Good to hear you're enjoying it.

egidem2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

L.A. Noire
Portal 2
Killzone 3
Gran Turismo 5
Red Faction Guerrilla
and Grand Theft Auto IV (Complete Edition)

I would be playing Dead Space 2 multiplayer but I got a new PS3 during the time PSN was down. The old one died without warning. Now I can't even play online! Dead Space 2 came with an activation code that you MUST use if you want to play online. This is tied to your PSN account so try the game elsewhere, you need to buy the code. This is precisely what's happening to me now.

There are 3 options, all blocked out:

Download Online Pass: Download your Online Pass from the server. - This shouldn't be an issue as my account is activated on the new PS3. However for some weird reason, this is blocked out. I can't access it in order to re-enter the code for the same account.

Purchase Code: I DON'T NEED to buy a new one. I already have one that came with the game, which I used on the old PS3. This is useless at the moment as the PS Store is not yet up!

Free Trial: This is already used up from 2 days ago. The period is over (I just wanted to get a quick fix of Dead Space 2 multiplayer). Again, this is also blocked out.

Thanks to EA and their new system of codes to just play online, I can't do just that. Great, just GREAT! PSN is back up and I can't play a game that I rightfully purchased because it thinks that it's a second hand copy. I just hope this is all caused by the PS store being down. Otherwise, this is just plain pathetic!


COD Black ops online is all im playing.

Majors2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

How you get disagrees for your comment ?
There are some stupid people in here who disagree for the sake of it. Fair enough the game isnt great, but he's playing on it like many other around the world.
Enjoy your gaming mate..

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NukaCola2738d ago

5 matches of Killzone 3 today.

guitarded772738d ago

Yup... Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, Portal 2 and LA Noire for me.

BiggCMan2738d ago

I just beat Demon's Souls on Tuesday. I am extremely relieved now, I've had the game since E3 last year, and was stuck countless times. As for online, I played MAG a little bit, that was fun. I really want to play Mortal Kombat, but it won't let me enter the Kombat Pass because the store is still down. I started the 2 days trial though to play with a friend, but thats gone now.

badz1492738d ago

but here I am...still offline and PSN still under maintenance!! (ToT)

Dart892738d ago

Mortal Kombat,KZ3,bfbc2,COD4 yea i know it's old but still damn best cod game this gen.LBP2 and Dynasty warriors 7.

And for the KZ3 players we get double xp this weekend.

joydestroy2738d ago

awww yeah! double xp! i know what i'll booting up when i take a break from witcher2

T3mpr1x2738d ago

It was MX Vs ATV Alive, but soon will be L.A. Noire. Maybe I'll finally pick up SOCOM 4 too...

FFXI1012738d ago

I been playing Brink, LA Noire, Dungeon Hunter Dark Alliance and SOCOM 4.

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