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Submitted by rivithed 1728d ago | news

Gears of War comes to the tabletop with Gears of War: The Board Game

A new Gears of War game is coming, this one for your tabletop. Fantasy Flight Games takes the video game from screens to tables with Gears of War: The Board Game. (Culture, Gears of War, Xbox 360)

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iamnsuperman  +   1728d ago
The merchandise for games is becoming ridiculous
Lincon   1728d ago | Spam
UnbiasedGamer  +   1728d ago
Popular gaming francises have alot of merchandise. Halo as well has also board games and tonnes more such as books toys etc. It's because these are huge francises, that not many games have that kind of popularity to actually do these kind of stuff.

@ Adropacrich2 well said.
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IQUITN4G  +   1728d ago
Except this is one franchise that people have taken very seriously and to their hearts.That there is what the big difference is.Same too with Halo

An fps franchise like these two no matter how you try to look at it, doesn't exist on Sony's machine.Yes Resistance and Killzone have their fans but it's not of the same level

Gears and Halo exist outside of the game itself with books doing very well with it's fans and even those that don't game.Killzone and Resistance are not seen this way enough that the franchise then extended past just the game itself

Good enough games im sure but laughing at 360 owners for something like this is itself bit of a joke when you consider what you're saying

Uncharted i would consider as something more up there though
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BlackTar187  +   1728d ago
i like these type of board games so i may try it out.

To me Gears isn't a Halo level game. Gears was always a hype machine game for MS.

This is my opinion but i like this type of thing so people shouldn't care . If you don;t like it stay away no one wants to hear you belittle other people.

reminds me of old D&D board games.
oops wrong spot :(
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Counter Strike  +   1728d ago
360 gamers on America
Buy alot of things... i remember being at NY and seeing kids buying Master Chief figures...
joeorc  +   1728d ago
this is pretty cool
kind of brings back mem, of some of my fav games i play every now an then.

space hulk

Mutant Chronicles
BlackTar187  +   1728d ago
I used to love those games. Mutant chronicles that's awesome you remembered that i still have that game somewhere in storage
joeorc  +   1728d ago
yea one of my fav. is INQUISITOR is even better but can be really expensive..but the rules are 100% free boardgame/ workshop has the rules for free

go to Games workshop an under "Specialist Games"

its there.

the rule book is PDF an it free but the 54mm figures are not..hahah but they are pretty cool..squad to Squad with each character has stats an experience points for each character growth in your Squad.
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ginsunuva  +   1728d ago
Microsoft's biggest e3 announcement just got leaked!
cheetorb  +   1727d ago
Wow, I hope it's in 3-D!!!


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