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Submitted by Tempjf 1731d ago | article

Head2Head: L.A. Noire Analysis (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head, one of the biggest of the year in fact! That's right, this time around we will be seeing the two versions of L.A. Noire duke it out for the title of "definitive version". Lets take a look at the evidence and solve this mystery once and for all!" (L.A. Noire, PS3, Rockstar Games, Team Bondi, Tech, Xbox 360)

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Joe Bomb  +   1731d ago
This was closer then I thought it would be. PS3 for the win though.
NukaCola  +   1731d ago
It's really hard to make the two platforms perfectly in sync, but I have to say that when you lead on PS3 you give the game so much more room for growth to great glory. And porting to the 360 is super easy. The only real fault on the 360 is the DVD's limited space. Great job to Team Bondi. The one thing I love about PS3 lead to 360 ported games is the quality is so much greater for both (Vanquish, Castelvania, Portal 2) and you never see issues with the 360 like the PS3 first had with Bayonetta. PS3 leading is the way to go and congrats to all who got this game. It's such a royal winner!
Venjense  +   1731d ago
Your right, when PS3 leads both versions always look really good with very crisp graphics.
Obelisk92  +   1731d ago
Wow, this was unexpected.

I thought this was a tie when I saw the performances, but I have to agree with LoT. The SSAO makes the PS3 version look a lot better.
And it's all in one disc.
And it has exclusive DLCs.

I can't wait to get it tomorrow!
starchild  +   1731d ago
So basically Lens of Truth gave a win to the PS3 version because it had better SSAO? Funny people.

Never mind that the 360 version has better soft shadows. Never mind that the 360 version has higher resolution textures in more places ("more aggressive mip-mapping", lol).

Moreover, the performance was nigh on identical.

I like Lens of Truth, but they are just all over the place and don't seem to understand when something is significant or not. Giving a clear win to the PS3 for simply having SSAO is silly. The 360 has better shadows and better textures.

Any sensible and fair-minded individual would call this a draw, if not a slight win for the 360. But what's certain is that there is no 'clear winner' no matter how you look at it. Lens of Truth acting like this is some kind clear or definitive victory for the PS3 version is pretty absurd.

I'm willing to bet that Digital Foundry will once again do a more professional and fair-minded comparison that in this case will likely end in pretty much a draw.
bunfighterii  +   1731d ago
I agree.

When you port from PS3, you get almost equal quality. When you port from 360, PS3 suffers.
MAJ0R  +   1731d ago
Oblivion without SSAO

Oblivion with SSAO

u don't know what your talking about, SSAO makes a huge difference
Mikeyy  +   1731d ago

The 360 version has Popup. Instant lose.
mikeslemonade  +   1731d ago
The game looks mediocre both ways. Other than the impressive jaw movements when people talk, the game looks like GTA4 and Mafia 2.
Obelisk92  +   1731d ago

Actually I think that those "soft shadows" appear less realistic than the sharpened ones in the PS3 version. So, I don't think it's a plus for the 360.

And did you look at the screenshots? The SSAO makes the difference all over the place, while there are just two or three spots where the 360 textures look better.

It's not a "flawless victory", but the PS3 wins in the graphic department IMHO.


Seriously? I didn't pick up the game already, I'm gonna get it this afternoon, but from the screenshots it looks fantastic. For a sandbox, I mean.
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EeJLP-  +   1730d ago
What a bunch of BS "Up to 1080p" for 360 and only 720p for PS3. Upscaling? Are you kidding me?

What are the native resolutions? They try to make it look like the 360 version is 1080p native and the PS3 version is only 720p native.

L.A. Noire is NOT 1080p native on 360. Lens of BS.
miyamoto  +   1730d ago
So finally Rockstar has stepped their game up when it comes to developing for the PS3 and completely redeemed themselves after that Red Dead Redemption controversy>

Guess this is good news for everybody.
AAACE5  +   1730d ago
@NukaCola... Well said! Good, clean and honest!

I like when people point out facts instead of just saying it's better on this system because that's what they want to believe or what they were told!

I hate the fanboy thing where people feel the need to be first to say they like something on a particular system just because! It makes them look stupid and/or retarded!

The fact that it's on 1 disc does give the Ps3 version a clear advantage! But in the end, it will depend on which console someone has.
sourav93  +   1731d ago
Yh thats true. But the differences aren't gaming breaking to be honest. Yes, one would get the ps3 version but not for the graphics or performance, but for the game being on one disk and having exclusive content.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1731d ago
So the PS3 version: Better Shadows/lighting, One Disc, small mandatory install, better framerate, no screen tearing, SOME better mapping on certain OBJECTS, more content.

360 version: Large installs needed to fix issues with framerate, 3 discs, static shadowing, SOME better mapping on certain WALLs and GROUND.

So where does that leave the PS3/360 so far this year?
PS3: LA Noire, Brink, Portal, Homefront
360: Crysis (though sub-HD and AA-less on both), Bulletstorm
Ties: Mass Effect 2 (Ps3 version's lighting looks less ridiculous, but runs less smoothly)

The 360 is falling behind with multiplatform titles, I tell you what.

These comparisons continue to make those photoshopped fakes look stupid, btw. Fanboys are shaking in their boots.
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IHateYouFanboys  +   1731d ago
add Mortal Kombat to the 360s list too mate ;)

also, you got some things wrong:

"360 version: Large installs needed to fix issues with framerate, 3 discs, static shadowing, SOME better mapping on certain WALLs and GROUND. "

if you read it properly, they DIDNT take the install for 360 into account, and the framerate was less than a single frame per second less on the 360. install it, and it (the framerate) would probably be better on the 360 than the PS3. so the install isnt needed to FIX the framerate, it just makes it better than it already is.

and static shadowing? huh? the shadows on the 360 version are more refined, they even say that in the article lol. its just missing SSAO.

i give the win to the PS3 version anyway, as SSAO makes a HUGE difference to me. but the 360 version is only very very very very very slightly behind in some areas, and slightly ahead in others - so much so that it really wouldnt be wrong to call it a draw.
guigsy  +   1731d ago
Mate they're virtually identical, even without installing the 360 version. Like anyone gives a shit about the odd sharper pixel (well, apart from you obviously).
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1731d ago
If fanboys are shaking in their boots you must be generating a small earthquake beneath your feet
showtimefolks  +   1731d ago
ps3 version looks slightly better
is this game good i have yet to get it does it get repetitive after solving like 10 or so cases?

and how are the side missions?
Vherostar  +   1731d ago
PS3 wins again?? It's on a roll lately..
Tempjf  +   1731d ago
Nobody does it like the LOT baby. I agree a lot closer then expected, but PS3 is still much better!
zootang  +   1731d ago
Digital foundry comes to mind. LoT often have the wrong setting for the PS3. I personally still don't trust them.
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Jake_Butler  +   1731d ago
Yeah then where his?
#2.1.1 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
Tempjf  +   1731d ago
Well said Jake_Butler that's my point exactly!
The Meerkat  +   1731d ago
I thought LOT were 360 fanboys a few weeks ago.
gamingdroid  +   1731d ago
It depends on the result!
MRMagoo123  +   1730d ago
i suspect it also depends on the person you ask too, generalise much retards? I think there biased and crap even if they do give the ps3 the win here, did i just blow ur mind lil guys?
Iceballs  +   1731d ago
Team bondi rocks. 3 xbox 360 discs still sucks though.
ps3bestever  +   1731d ago
wow 360 version dont have the shadow
#4 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Jake_Butler  +   1731d ago
Yeah but so what the Xbox is just as good, besides the Xbox has that internet
CernaML  +   1731d ago
Someone's been living under a rock and hasn't known that the PSN has been back online for a couple of days now.
Jake_Butler  +   1731d ago
CernaML ahhh nope not in the US..
TardcoreGamer  +   1731d ago
I'm playing bf:1943 on psn as we speak.
NIRVANArazor  +   1731d ago
hahahaha your sooo dumb!!
units  +   1731d ago
well said
Dee_91  +   1731d ago
thanks jake_butler I needed that laugh
give him bubs so he can post more
y0haN  +   1731d ago
"hahahaha your sooo dumb!!"

Please learn the irony of this post :|.
DrFUD  +   1731d ago
360 can't even win at multiplats anymore.
But hey at least they have Gears 3 coming out.
Enjoy the one game guys.
Convas  +   1731d ago
You do realize that this game started out as a PS3 exclusive right? And then got ported to the Xbox 360? This project wasn't started with multiple platforms in mind.

XabiDaChosenOne  +   1731d ago
@clizzzDid brink and portal and marvel vs capcom 3 start out as PS3 exclusives? just askin...
RevXM  +   1731d ago
Hey cool down.

Im really looking forward to Gears 3.
Gears of war is all the reason you need to own a 360.

Besides there is a new Forza game coming up and Crytek's Kingdoms is currently a 360 exclusive project. I think thats worth something.

But 360 is really dry these days, thats for sure.
MasterCornholio  +   1731d ago
No one should buy a console because of one game. Its just a waste of money when there are many other titles to play on it. If you buy a 360 just make sure there are many more titles than just Gears 3 that you want to play.
#5.2.1 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
the_best_player  +   1731d ago
M$ needs to get some first party developers to make some games, it's a really bad year for 360.
#5.3 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
ceedubya9  +   1731d ago
its a bad year if you only care about exclusive games. Otherwise, most people won't care, and games like L.A. Noire can be picked up by 360 owners if that's all they own. Quality titles come from all places, not just 1st party developers.
stiggs  +   1731d ago
"Enjoy the one game guys."

You're an idiot.
#5.4 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
NoobSessions  +   1731d ago
They're pretty much identical, nothing much to brag about here except having the disc thing. And even that isnt that big a deal [at least to me].
Winkle92  +   1731d ago
*Asinine fanboy comment*
PirateThom  +   1731d ago
*asinine fanboy retort, with insult*
NiKK_419  +   1731d ago
What a troll
SlyFoxC  +   1731d ago
i could go for some cookies right now
ClaveroRulz  +   1731d ago
"As seen in the rollover and sliders the lack of SSAO on the Xbox 360 version made the environments look less appealing when compared to the Xbox 360 version."

Hmmm interesting typo LoT, very interesting..... ring any bell? :P
#7 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
mafia_pc  +   1731d ago
In ps3 version , texture are horrible
Obelisk92  +   1731d ago
... are you referring to GTA IV or some other game?

In this game, textures look pretty much identical. In the comparison I can see two spots where they look better on 360.
matt_hooper  +   1731d ago
This game is awesome, play it on whatever system you can. Nice to see both versions were so close.
cyclindk  +   1731d ago
Wow, somebody didn't reread their work... Two errors in the first paragraph alone. Proofread, proofread, proofread!
Soul Train   1731d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(2)
RudeSole Devil  +   1731d ago
Wow very useful info here boys, keep up the good work.
#10.2 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SlyFoxC  +   1731d ago
welcome to the internet mate....get over it
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1731d ago
geez, there are so many typos in this lol, kind of embarrassing.

OT: id say its a tie, SSAO for PS3, better textures for 360.
Metfanant  +   1731d ago
they said that there were areas with better textures on the PS3 as well...the textures seem to be all over the place lol
thespaz  +   1731d ago
The textures on my PS3 copy are just like the 360 textures. My sidewalk did NOT look like that. I don’t think the texture was loaded yet in your screenshot.

LOT should wait for the texture to load fully before taking a screenshot and saying “360 has better textures”… geeze.

Also, as far as texture loading goes, I must have a faster PS3 than LOT because texture loading is pretty much instant on the PS3. I haven’t seen a texture loading yet (and I’ve played quite a bit).

All I can say is… my copy has high res textures like the 360 screenshot. LOT’s PS3 is busted or something.
ozhuerta  +   1731d ago
"On a side note, the Xbox 360 optional install requires a hefty 20 Gig install considering the three disks. Having the entire game squeezed onto one Blu-Ray disk proves the Xbox 360 optical drive is way past its time."

Bravo Sherlock.
Bounkass  +   1731d ago
No way PS3 has lower resolution! Lol, L.A. Noire is written for the PS3 for crying out loud. X360 can't even handle 1080p games...
testerg35  +   1731d ago
Have there been a lot of true 1080p (1920x1080) on the PS3? If PS3 can handle 1080p then what happened to KZ2,KZ3, ...?

Btw, there have been some older titles that were 1080p on the 360.
Metfanant  +   1731d ago
the problem is that the 360 supports upscaling to 1080p on all games...LA Noire is NOT native 1080p on the 360...its upscaled...

unfortunately because of the ability to upscale, it allows MS to be a little deceiving and list 1080p as a resolution on the box...the PS3 handles this differently and just switches its output resolution to match the game...

LoT really should clarify this in their reviews...they should always list native resolutions instead of what the box says...


"what happened" to KZ2/3 is that the games are simply just too detailed for the PS3 to get to a native resolution of 1080p...neither console could do this...
#13.2 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Metfanant  +   1731d ago
i would LOVE to know who gave me a disagree on the above post...would KILL for a PM to hear your reasoning for that one lol
testerg35  +   1731d ago
Metfanant, I was just replying to Bounkass. He makes it sound like all of PS3 games are 1080p.
Metfanant  +   1731d ago
pretty much exactly how i expected this to go...and this is also how all MP games should come out...minor positives for each, that end up in nearly identical games...

personally i picked it up for my PS3...the exclusive content, and one disc sealed the deal for me...

and now some confirmation that its the "better" performing version is good as well...even if it is just SLIGHTLY better
#14 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
guitar_nerd_23  +   1731d ago
Horray everybodys a winner! Well done Rockstar.
thespaz  +   1731d ago
The sidewalk texture on picture 7 wasn't like that in my PS3 version. Perhaps it wasn't loaded yet when they took the screenshot. My sidewalk textures look just like the 360's.

I'm waiting for Digital Foundry's face-off, but I already bought the game for PS3.
360 man   1731d ago | Trolling | show
Paralex  +   1730d ago
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take that long for a texture to load.
Venjense  +   1731d ago
Got it for PS3 for the extra content and single disc. Nice bonus that it's the better looking and running version.
Funky Town_TX  +   1731d ago
I may get the PS3 version
The last game I got was Killzone 3. My PS3 has been a place holder for sometime now. After Infamous 2 what should I get.
gamestorecowgirl  +   1731d ago
Uncharted, Resistance, Twisted Metal, multiplats...
#18.1 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
paintsville  +   1731d ago
wow. ps3 wins but based on the last once exclusive FF13 3 disc game, I didn't expect the 360 to do this well. I'm quite impressed.
Metfanant  +   1731d ago
as far as i know...development went from exclusive to multiplat much earlier in the development cycle for LA Noire than it did for FF13
Whitey2k  +   1731d ago
LOT made me laugh ps3 must be so rubbish they said this

The first thing we noticed when booting this game up was he lack of SSAO on the Xbox 360 version. As seen in the rollover and sliders the lack of SSAO on the Xbox 360 version made the environments look less appealing when compared to the Xbox 360 version
anubis56  +   1731d ago
360 version looks slightly better visually than the ps3 version
#21 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
ZBlacktt  +   1731d ago
3 discs? missing items? come on.... Sometimes it feels like it's the PS2 vs the XBox
#22 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
girlwithturn  +   1731d ago
About textures: they don't just downloaded full yet by the time they captured screenshots (360 also have this issue - look at the bottle on the 2nd page). I think they just want to make holywar or scandal, that build up popularity to their site. Yesterday h2h with screens had better quality textures.
NoOoB101  +   1731d ago
I dont really care for these comparisons. I like to look at them just for something to do sometimes. But I do want to point out something that bothers me. The textures on the ground look a lot better on 360 in that one screenshot...But if u go to page 2 and look at other screen shots the ps3 has the exact same textures as the 360 version. Also the 4th pic down on page 2 is the same pic from the first page of the ground textures. If u look at the page 2 one..the ps3 is in the middle of saving while the 360 version isn't. Saving sometimes makes things look worse for a moment while it saves..
Just trying to point out that some of these pics aren't right =/

At below. Thanks. I just dont the fact that LOT would take a screenshot of one saving and one not. I could care less what version won, and I would point out if this was opposite and they did it to 360 version. All they had to do was wait a few seconds for the save to end. All that matters is that it should be a FAIR comparison.
#24 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
thespaz  +   1731d ago
Very good point about the saving thing. If the hardrive is busy then the texture might load slower.

I haven't noticed anything bad about the textures while playing the game. I'm constantly impressed by the high quality of them. I may just put in GTA IV just to see how ugly and low res it looks in comparison.

This is truly a NEXT GEN GAME. Rockstar's own RAGE engine can't even do this stuff... then again GTA IV is way older.
sigfredod  +   1731d ago
oh LOT you never change "convinient"Performa nce was a very close bout but the PlayStation 3 version had a very slight edge" 360 version had very little screen tearing where as the PS3 version had none, The average FPS, The PlayStation 3 did have a small advantage, but after all those facts still: This category ended in a draw. if this were the other way around xbox will be declared winner for sure, still lens of lies, shame
xlockingupthesunx  +   1731d ago
The PS3 won. Get over it, crybabys. You're making fools of yourselves.
Hazmat13  +   1731d ago
soo why is there no PC version? really? DX11 on this would be epic!
Daz  +   1731d ago
Lens of lies is now lens of truth? you know what i mean ;p
#28 (Edited 1731d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   1730d ago
no.....what do you mean ? They gave ps3 the win because it was blatantly obvious you dont need close ups freeze frames to notice it either they still seemed biased towards the 360 too i mean look at the facts, better frame rate = Ps3 no screen tearing = Ps3 yet they end in a draw .....weird huh no its just them being biased again.
Daz  +   1730d ago
you mad? lol rage
xtremegamerage  +   1731d ago
Leading with PS3 does help PS3, but i would not say it helps 360 at all.

This game looks decent on both, but better on PS3.

Same thing with portal 2 and brink.

Both look and run better on PS3.
Elite-uk  +   1731d ago
Both versions look good, but ps3 for me.

p.s...check out my ps3 L.A. NOIRE theme!.
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