iPhone 5 Reveal Coming During E3?

NowGamer: Apple is reportedly set to cut down orders of iPhone 4, hinting that a reveal for the next model iPhone could be announced soon...

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iamnsuperman2771d ago

Not really E3 though if it was going to be released.

skyward2771d ago

It'll be announced, not released - E3's on at the same time though, right?

Vaud-Villian2770d ago

Don't they generally release VERY close to announcement?

Apple isn't a big fan of lagging sales from people holding off, and rightfully so.

I_find_it_funny2770d ago

is this news sponsored or something?

guitarded772770d ago

I think CES would be a better place for this announcement... BTW, why the hell are we going on iPhone 5 already. Apple is too damn expensive to keep up with.

wsoutlaw872770d ago

apple has there own show june 6-10th, why would they announce it at E3. Its not coming out until fall.

Pandamobile2771d ago

Why the hell would Apple announce an Apple product at E3, and not their own press conference?

doctorstrange2771d ago

WWDC's on 6th of June. Apple annoyingly put it at the same time as E3.

GamerSciz2770d ago

Not only that but Apple seems to be pushing Mobile gaming with the ipad. Perhaps Iphone5 will be geared towards high end mobile gaming which would make it related to E3 right?

Istanbull2770d ago

I declare the author officially dumb. Apple has its own press conference in june unveiling their new iphones every year.

Close thread//

Chocoboh2770d ago

Isn't E3 a video game conference? Since when is an iPhone a gaming device? I know it can be used as such but I don't think Apple has said they're trying to compete with the PSP and Nintendo DS in the gaming market

blumatt2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Yeah, but the iPhone is sort of competition for handheld gaming devices like the 3DS and PSP2, indirectly at least. I don't care though because I'm gonna be buying a PSP2 so I can play REAL games, not crappy cell phone games (though admittedly cell phone games are getting a little better).

stealth500k2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

iphone is competition like tv is competition. Anything that takes away from doing something else.

Indirect competitors

E3 is for game companies

Apple isnt one and they wont be at E3

They have there own event which is scheduled during the same week as E3 but its a 1 day thing. E3 is a week long thing. TGS is a week long thing.

Not even close

Aussiegamer2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Read other peoples comments dude. Apple have their own press conference on when E3 is.

So yeah the Authur kinda stuffed up aswell, these things happen we are all human, except iphone users. Hahaha.

@blumatt the iphone is not competition to gaming devices. Its competition to other mobiles.

Aarix2765d ago

When E.A, Squeare Enix, Activision, Rockstar and Epic started making games for it.

Bounkass2770d ago

And, why, is this in the game setion?

Aussiegamer2770d ago

Slow day in regards to news stories?!

Maybe everyone has done a psn down and up article now and how the freebies fail. I dunno something like that.

Im sure katoku will come up with some more eye burning reading soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.