Modern Warfare 3 Patches Will Be More Frequent Than MW2

Playing a round of Modern Warfare 2 a few months after launch might have shown you a title riddled with glitches, exploits, and hackers. Infinity Ward realizes that users aren't into the idea of being cheated, and have fully intended on patching this title with more fervor.

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xYLeinen2765d ago

Doesn't help with patches if they don't fix anything, and also if frequent equal non existent.

Sorry for my bad remarks but since the first modern warfare I got nothing positive to say about the CoD franchise.

JoeIsMad2765d ago

Yes, I agree that patches that don't fix anything wouldn't be productive, but "nerfing" certain weapons will irritate someone, no matter which direction they modify the equipment. What is important is to make sure that users can't turn themselves into walking explosions, or to have the ability to hide in and shoot out of a rock.

Users want to make sure that there is a fix for basic errors in the title as they are discovered - after all, the new micro-transaction system should allow for plenty of funding for support staff.

the_best_player2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

My guess MW3 will be broken on release day.
Im not getitng the game as it's not a big jump and just the same old crap very year.

xAlmostPro2765d ago

They're basically saying the games going to be just as buggy and glitchy but we'll fix more of them. great

superrey192765d ago

How bout making the game bug free and balanced from the beginning? Yes i realize that's impossible for any game, but it seems like these guys are already expecting to ship a buggy mess.

Fylus2765d ago

Are you really asking THAT much of Activision? We all know their little brains can't handle too much at once. Doesn't that explain CoD's simplicity and unbalance?

superrey192765d ago

I'm sure they have the capacity to handle a good game... What they lack is the motivation, need, or desire to try since people will buy it regardless of the quality :/

ZeroX98762765d ago

"We will create a BIG LOT of patches for the next MW game", um that's not positive at all. are they saying that the game will have even MORE bugs?!?!? and it will take even MORE patch to repair them?!?!
even worst, in some cases, their "new" patch for MW2 did bring other problems, so even more problems for more download time?

thanks for the announcement! Just the quote I needed to make sure that I buy BF3 instead of MW3.

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Warprincess1162765d ago

This is great. Im glad they are supporting the game. I think Treyach did a excellent job with BO. They patched the game often and they really listen to their fans.

Nitrowolf22765d ago

This doesn't sound great at all. Pretty much they are going to release a broken game again only to patch the exact same glitches that were in previous games.

Fylus2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Black Ops is still just as unbalanced as any of other the previous titles. Honestly, they need to be the ones looking to DICE and others as examples for quality multiplayer games.

SeanScythe2765d ago

So more "Frequent" of nothing? I mean they supported MW2 worst then Arnold supported his unknown child.

The games are fun but once the hackers and cheaters get started the game turns to crap.

Oldman1002765d ago

More frequent patches?? So they'll be releasing another unfinished game? What a surprise...

MidnytRain2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It sounds like they're expecting to having issues with the game.

crematory2765d ago

developers talk about patches even before release :(

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