Tesco undercut the retailers once more - L.A Noire for £25

@XG247: It seems that the supermarket Tesco have gone on the offensive by slashing the price of L.A Noire, which is now available for £25 at midnight tonight when bought with any other “chart title”

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XGN_Alex2621d ago

That's both great and annoying. I don't want supermarkets to undercut game shops so badly that they get shut down and I have to queue up behind a little old lady doing her weekly shop to get the latest release.

the_best_player2621d ago

I buy games online it's must cheaper than game shops.

Amazon and Ebay :)

tdrules2621d ago

meh, supermarkets are taking over most town centres its not long until game shops are taken over.
Hopefully by then people will have stopped buying games on discs

Perjoss2621d ago

Call me old fashioned, but i like to have a physical collection of games with nice box cover art. When I'm choosing a game to play from my collection I like to look at real games and not a digital list. And for a big release i like to go to the game store (sometimes even a midnight launch, mingle with other fans of that game) and carry my game home on the train, maybe even read the instruction booklet on my way home.

Besides... with box + disc games I can always play them whenever I want (as long as there is electricity), What happens if the suppliers of your digital purchases decide to take their service offline?

tdrules2621d ago


you're old fashioned and will eventually accept digital distribution when it becomes the standard just like it is on its way to in Music

sparced2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys have a separate counters for entertainment. No grannies in sight.

I dislike the staff in Gamestation, Game who pester you and often don't know what they're talking about if you choose to engage with them. The prices game shops sell titles are a rip off. Screw them, pre owned are more expensive than new if you shop online.

This deal isn't that good, learn to wait two weeks. Stop being impatient and you'll have three games compared to the idiots who stand outside in the old at midnight launches and get one.

Optical_Matrix2621d ago

yeah but it says you have to buy it with another stop title on the charts. And Tesco's top chart games are not cheap lol I remember though when Sainsbury's undercut everyone the night before Modern Warfare 2 came out. Suddenly launched TV adverts that night saying they were selling the game for £26 at launch. Undercut EVERYONE

ThatIrishGamer2621d ago

It's only 25 when bought with another top 20 game. Hardly that much of a bargain.

Thrungus2621d ago

depends what else is in the top 20chart - number 20 might be going cheap.

Also, if you wanted to get Brink and this, you'd be in luck.

guigsy2621d ago

The 2100 points cards are always in the top 20. I bought Assassins Creed Brotherhood with one and it more or less cost the same as the game by itself.

ABritishGeek2620d ago

Wow, that's actually a great idea! Well said! Have some bubbles!

galgor2621d ago

I'd like to hear from Sideshow Mel..