Layoffs at SOCOM developer, Sony confirms

TVGB: "MAG and SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive is seeing a reduction in head count; according to multiple tipsters, up to 33 people have been let go."

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the_kutaragi_baka2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

the D-B seth luise should have be among those 33 laid off.

Well now that socom has officially been ruined, zipper can you at least give us Socom II HD NOW???

TOO PAWNED2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

called this years ago. Mag sold purely, so did Socom 4. They make mediocre games (look at the reviews) that sell badly. I am surprised Sony didn't do this sooner. Probably worst first party SCEA studio in USA. Always sad when people lose their job but they had it coming. Bad game play, ugly graphics, bad controls. Good bye.

raztad2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I'm among the few thousand that bought/kept/enjoyed MAG. Around 170 hours clocked in the game. Probably my most played game ever. Just yesterday got SOCOM 4, out of watching iWaggle3D SOCOM 4 with MOVE video, and some other impressions. Never played SOCOM before and I dont care about how good it was, or how it compares. I have a gut feeling I'll be having fun with its multiplayer until Twisted Metal drops.

BTW, it is not like Zipper is being shut down, but the eventual commercial failure of SOCOM 4 might have a deep negative impact over new releases. Death of SOCOM perhaps?

Headquarters112770d ago

Good! Thats what they get for putting that STUPID cover system in SOCOM. Sure it works great in games like Uncharted 2 where it takes more than a couple bullets to drop someone.

But it is s*** in SOCOM. It is so easy to camp with that stupid cover system, so frustrating. And the Maps in S4 are horrible! So cluttered and I've been killed so many times by someone hiding in grass. Or getting sniped across the map by a MG.

Confrontation was a WAY better Socom game.

MidnytRain2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

It's not good for people to lose their jobs.

The more health you have, the less a cover system is needed. The grass is meant to used for stealth and is useful in the campaign and co-op missions on Hard difficulty and high enemy count. It needs to be harder to kill someone at a distance - harder than it is at close range.

otherZinc2770d ago

People should be getting "fired"! They released some garbage games, especially SOCOM 4.

PirateThom2770d ago

Trying to make a game like SOCOM appeal to a wide audience was the worst mistake ever.

Ninver2770d ago

power of tha dollar mate.

DA_SHREDDER2770d ago

i wouldn't say worst mistake ever, but makes me wonder if they even have a QA dept. BTW, MAG is such a better game imho and if I was working at Zipper, I would have bet the farm on MAG2 then the turd that is Socom 4. Imagine how good MAG would have been if they had just dropped Socom4? If I was a dev I would have been critically honest about the game cause there is just too much $$$ riding on everything these days. For me its food or video games? Guess which one I pick? Video games aint gonna feed me and the kids, so we just stuck playing Black Ops till something as good or better comes out. Here's that Battlefield 3 is actually good on consoles cause i cant get a decent pc to save my life.

ivant2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Zipper shouldn't have even bothered making a SOCOM, what with the popularity of Modern Warfare .... and to a lesser extent Bad Company.

Ideally, they should have beefed up MAG with better graphics, physics, vehicles, and destruction, and maximum 64 players.

But MAG would have been a huge hit had they simply used the Warhawk game engine with similar glorious Warhawk gameplay(land/air combat) as a FPS with 32-64 players.

Everyone knows how awesome Warhawk combat is.

Everyone knows how popular Modern Warfare is.

Then why the f*ck not combine the best from both you halfwits. Talking about developers ignoring the obvious.

I hope SOCOM is put to rest once and for all. Bring on Starhawk and Battlefield 3.

Dark_king2770d ago

MAG was and still is my favorite FPS.I wouldn't have near as much fun with only 64 players.The sheer number of enemies and troops to command is what make the game great.
I hope next gen Sony makes a MAG 2 but I believe they need to include a PSEye with the PS4 so everyone has a mic.If everyone had mics I think more people would have stayed.

RustInPeace2770d ago

Well, ill be the only asshole playing this game when everyone else jumps on MW3s dick. I sold my copy of Ops for this game, and to me, it was the best decision. I'm tired of the exact same formula used in the past 3 or 4 CoDs. I wanted something different and not another $65 camp-fest. Loyals or not, everyone complaining about every little thing (graphics, cover system, no doors(?)) apparently love to pay for the same exact thing every release. And just about the cover system, how about making use of the maps they give you and change up your tactics and try not to just run-and-gun down the same path every spawn...?

Damn Zipper for trying something a little different... Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

kingjoker342770d ago

How about not changing a formula if it WORKS. people enjoyed socom on ps2 for a reason.
people dont like socom 4 because it is not a SOCOM.
and seriously im not a graphic whore, i like game play over graphics but when teh gameplay sucks and the grapahics suck that is not a good combo.

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SlickShoes2770d ago

Sad stuff, SOCOM is an abomination in its current form though.

It doesnt cater to the old school fans and all the things it has tried to copy from todays popular shooters it has pretty much butchered!

It is now stuck in a middle ground where old school fans dont like it because it is missing features that created the community like lobbies and decent voice comms. And the new games don't like it because it does nothing that Call Of Duty does not do already.

A multiplayer game that makes it difficult to join up with your friends and clan is destined to fail.

I think this has to be the end for socom, I had lots of great memories with 1,2 and 3 but this one will be visiting the great trade in counter in the sky.

THC CELL2770d ago

still hope they make mag 2

Max_Dissatisfaction2770d ago

Ouch things not going too great at SONY-land lately. SOE also had a couple of lay-offs earlier and a couple of studios completly shutting down too. At this rate I doubt SONY will buy Sucker Punch...heck at this rate I doubt Sucker Punch would agree to being bought by SONY

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