The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim scans

Check out new scans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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RavageX2741d ago

Imagine if this had Move support on PS3. If you've played Gladiators and Archery from Sports Champions, you'd know it's doable...and very well so.


Yes, it would work with some tweaks to be played on Move, also because it have buttons, which is important.

yamzilla2741d ago

Mod Tools at launch for PC, Thats What I wanna hear!!!

This game will be epic i hope, they need it to be, so far, the witcher 2 is the best rpg i have ever played (it destroys oblivion), here's hoping skyrim can be better(i highly doubt it) or at least almost as good!

kingdavid2741d ago

the art style is so damn impressive. Some of those landscapes are fap worthy.

BeastlyRig2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

"Mod Tools at launch for PC, Thats What I wanna hear!!! "

Same with Rage!! We get to mess around with mega textures!! & Cry Engine 3 free sdk is coming in august!!

& yes The Witcher 2 stomps oblivion and it should!

marrowind was better than oblivion anyway..

Tyrannikos2741d ago

I just keep getting more and more excited for this. I'm a huge fan of the other Elder Scrolls games, but the impact of this one took a few months to set in...

kingdavid2741d ago

Is it too far fetched to say Elder Scrolls is the final fantasy of western RPGs?

In general I look forward to them just as much and there's a long time between releases.

Tyrannikos2741d ago

I can definitely get behind this. I never thought of it that way.

I'm glad we have Elder Scrolls since FF has been kind of disappointing me lately.

BeastlyRig2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

nah it would have to be the most milk franchise to say that!

Elder Scrolls 14? or 13 part 2?

For me the witcher 2 is the best I have ever played but Elder scrolls have to redeem itself oblivion is noway better than marrowind..

THWIP712741d ago

...and I only paid $13.00, after the discount, and all my pre-order credits. :D

RavageX2741d ago

I just hope the style is more Morrowind than Oblivion. Morrowind made it actually feel as if you were in a huge, dangerous world ripe for exploring.


It wasn't just that though, Morrowind seemed a hell of a lot more that made it seem like an actual world...political stuff and such. Factions had meaning.

Oblivion...factions were just a way to get added goodies and that was that.

I'd like to see the brotherhood MEAN something....and what I mean by that...LOTS of missions, some easily completed..some extremely hard...some with severe consequences too.