Pre-Order Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on Steam

Arcade Edition now features a roster of 39 characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Juri, El Fuerte, and Rufus, while adding 4 new characters to the roster including classic combatants from previous Street Fighter games like Yun, Yang, and Evil Ryu as well as the all-new Oni. Beyond characters, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition adds all-new balancing as well as an enhanced Replay Channel.

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Solid_Snake-2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

might actually get this. all id need is a fight stick or to know if the xbox pad works with it.

EDIT: it is controller enabled.

BeastlyRig2737d ago

of course I couldn't imagine it not having controller support Unless it was a street fighter FPS!

kuroukage2735d ago

Definitely worth a buy if your rig can handle it. Graphically superior to both console versions. Only problem is lack of online players. Hopefully more people will buy the PC version this time or they'll allow cross-platform play.