Square Enix releases The Last Remnant screenshots

The last time Square Enix has released screenshots of The Last Remnant, it's next-gen multiplatform RPG, was during Tokyo Game Show 2007. Today the company has finally released screenshots of the game, but they are all from the TGS trailer.

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ruibing4068d ago

This is built with the Unreal 3 engine right? I just hope the english version has the voice syncing with the animation.

heavyarms4068d ago

On my buy list for sure!!!! getting tired of owning noobs in fps. LOL

mighty_douche4067d ago

so the cut sences look nice, i think ill hold the excitment for in-game footage.

WilliamRLBaker4067d ago

Feminate, Homosexual emo protagonist/villian FTL!!!!

My god even the so called "created for american audiance" Super bad guy looks like an blonde feminate emo!

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