Preordered L.A Noire? Get The Witcher 2 for $25 | Mad Overdose writes: Did you pre-order L.A Noire from Amazon? Well if so, by now you should have your $15 promotional credit available to use, and what better way to spend it than by putting it towards the second biggest game to release this month, The Witcher 2? Sure this is only relevant to PC gamers, but those gamers will be interested to know that Amazon have already discounted the retail version of the game from $49.99 to $44.99 and even better, the digital version to just $39.99. Slap on your $15 credit and you can get what is sure to be this years greatest PC RPG for just $25 bucks.

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ThatEnglishDude2743d ago

I guess the even better message is: Buy LA Noire, get Witcher 2 for just $20!

earbus2743d ago

Really keen for witcher 2 but im waiting till i get my new pc play it maxed.

Ranshak2743d ago

Witcher 2 is freaking awesome definetly a strong goty contender.

fluffydelusions2743d ago

Yeah..shame really it will get overlooked at many big sites though simply because it's PC exclusive.

WetN00dle692743d ago

If you liked Dragon Age 1 and 2 you will definitely love the Witcher 2. The Witcher 2 actually makes Dragon Age look extremely dated!

Ranshak2743d ago

Its funny but witcher 2 doesnt even have a huge development budget.

What happens with most console games, huge amounts of money is spent on advertisement and marketing, while development of the game itself is a smaller share of the budget.

This obviously leads to developers complaining about losses and small profits. Things are different with PC, witcher 2 only cost 8million usd to develop. Even if it sells 300,000units via online DD the developer probably would have recovered their investment anything after that will probably be a profit.

Judging by the previous game i would say witcher 2 should easily cross 2 million on PC.

NukaCola2743d ago

There is two DLCs out. I got LA Noire through amazon. The Naked City and some other one. Are these preorder exclusives from Gamestop? I want to get the most out of it, but I was told I am screwed cause I didn't give my money up to those GS a-holes.

THWIP712743d ago

...for pre-ordering L.A. Noire, I immediately used it, plus some other credit, toward pre-ordering Skyrim, since they'd dropped the price on it to $54.99. I only had to pay $13.00 total.
I did grab The Witcher 2 last night for $35.00 though, because I got another $5 coupon added to my account. I loves me some Amazon. :D

chak_2743d ago

2nd CLEAR goty contender, after portal 2.

That RGP puts every others to shame. Can't wait to end my work and get back in that fantastic adventure !

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