Resistance 3: Insomniac and Olly Moss Discuss Resistance 3 Cover Design

Insomniac's James Stevenon and artist Olly Moss share information about the cover design of Resistance 3 and thoughts on the community reaction.

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vickysud1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

i think its cool , simplistic approach


To simple its missing content has a box cover.

Ser1808d ago

Personally, I like it.

I love how the NYC skyline serves as the chimera's maw.

SpartanPrince1808d ago

but dam does it have to be so bright? It hurts my eyes looking at that thing. If the skull would look so much better a dark red and white especially if they picked the capelli art

the_kutaragi_baka1808d ago

horrible. Resistance is meant to be dark and gritty not bright and orange!

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