Euro PSN Store Updates until 29 November 2007

PS3party release european PSN updates list until November 29, unfortunately no Uncharted Drake's Fortune demo shows up.

Note: Website in dutch but the items in english, we can read easy.

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paul_war4067d ago

I don't think its another demo, the EU store hasn't had the 1st one yet

Marty83704067d ago

Uncharted Demo might hit the US PS Store first, like Ratchet.

masterg4067d ago

I still don't get why Sony doesn't give European users to option to enter the US store without having to make a US account.

For the Euro store they have to add the multi language thing which apparently takes forever. But why not say "Hey if you don't mind the stuff only having English language be sure to enter here".

AllroundGamer4067d ago

i fully agree, even if i have a EU/US/Jap account, they could give the people chance to choose for themselves if they want only English items or not.

Marty83704067d ago

Cos its not just about the lanuage barrier. It also copyright's/age rating's for the different countries that takes time.

Blood_Spiller4067d ago

* Formula One Championship Edition - PSP Wing Mirror

Did anyone else notice that?

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The story is too old to be commented.