Amazon offers post-launch deal for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Amazon has revealed several post-launch deals for the digital and premium edition copies of the just-released PC exclusive role-playing game, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

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Hitman07692770d ago

Amazon is doing great deals as usual, I will definitely consider this game more now.

Raendom2770d ago

I always wait for PC games. I bet you anything it'll be part of Steam's summer sale.

ThatEnglishDude2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

With my $20 from LA Noire, I picked this up for $20. Great deals as always. Wish I could just activate the key with STEAM, but it appears I cannot.

Solbadguy2770d ago

This game is worth every penny. The prologue was amazing and this game has controller support so i can sit on my big comfy couch.

yamzilla2770d ago

this game, compared to the last ten years of games, is worth $200

This is the best game to come out in the last ten years, i am serious, the only thing on par with it is starcraft 2...

If starcraft 2 and the witcher 2 are $50-$60 games

Mass effect, dragon age, halo reach, killzone 3, brink, bulletstorm, god of war 3, fable 3, fallout new vegas, rift, dc universe online;

all those games are $10 games

joydestroy2770d ago

best RPG in years? definitely! but better than games not even in the same genre... not so sure i'd say that. i love KZ and ME.

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