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Michael Pachter: “CoD Competition Could Do More Harm than Good”

Michael Pachter weighs in on Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in an excerpt of DeltaGamer's exclusive interview. (Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update My apologies for the somewhat misleading title. DeltaGamer changed it, thanks for the feedback.

Dramscus  +   1349d ago
Also nothing with pachter (aka captain obvious) should really be approved. Not newsworthy at all.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1349d ago
Too true
teething  +   1348d ago
Nowhere in the article does Patcher say “CoD Competition Could Do More Harm than Good”

What type of crap reporting is this????

Oh yeah... this is N4G. :(
gcolley  +   1348d ago
and i still clicked on it, damn what a waste of time
iamtehpwn  +   1348d ago
Call of Duty going the way of Guitar Hero and dinosaurs would do everyone a lot of good.
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news4geeks  +   1348d ago
yeah, Pachter is a waste of time... unless he says something along the lines of Uncharted3 looking awesome in 3D, right guys?

p.s. Pachter isn't that bad. Imagine if people were out to quote/misquote every single sentence that came out of your mouth. That's what Pachter must put up with.
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btk  +   1349d ago
Competition is bad. Well. Why is anything this clown say supposed to be news? Just perma ban him already.
blumatt  +   1348d ago
Battlefield 3 will hopefully make Activision get off their butt and do something innovative, like destructibility and bullet drop. Oh, and while you're at it, Activision, UPDATE your freakin game engine! We're seeing games like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, and Gears 3 push boundaries in graphics and CoD still looks the same as the beginning of this generation. Graphics aren't everything, but come on. Don't be lazy, Activision. Use all that money you're making from dlc and make the game better!

And, Pachter, you're delusional.
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Trroy  +   1348d ago
Not touching MW3 until its proven good. Pre-ordering it is foolhardy, given the shakeup at IW.
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CrackHeadGamer   1348d ago | Spam
the_kutaragi_baka  +   1348d ago
oh, it's pachter troll again...
XRider  +   1348d ago
How is he a troll? I don't see Pachter shadow trolling N4G like others on here. Wake me he does, then I'll agree he's a troll.
Gamer_Z  +   1348d ago
I lost faith in COD after COD4 (the best one) but I still continued to buy COD every year hoping that they would return it to the way it was but after playing Black Ops I have to say I have no hope for this game anymore, so yeah I won’t be buying the next COD unless it meets all my expectations and more. BF3 looks to be a better successor to COD4 than MW3 to be honest that’s why I will be buying BF3 and renting MW3.
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Jack-H  +   1348d ago
That's EXACTLY how I feel. Looking forward to BF3
HeavenlySnipes  +   1348d ago
He didn't say anything wrong
did anyone read the article except me?

Also he didn't necessarily say competition was bad for gaming. He merely said that BF3 well sell well (whether it is from a new community and fans of the series or from taking a chunk out of COD sales) and that COD will continue to grow until the market is saturated (or in other words until people are tired of playing that year after year) and this is true.

I always believed Patcher to say outrageous stuff because of the reactions he gets. This being the first time I've actually read a quote from him, I have no idea why. Maybe its just this time.
MidnytRain  +   1348d ago
The last sentence of the article says the full interview will contain the information the headline tells us of. The article itself doesn't reference it, though.
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Jack-H  +   1348d ago
Battlefield and COD are just too different. I understand they are still competition to one another, but, I mean my reasons for playing a COD game(not anymore) or battlefield would be completely different.
supremacy  +   1348d ago
I would if i were EA release battlefield 3 with aggressive advertising schemes on 11-8-11.

Thats the only way you can put a dent into call of duty, if released earlier people will grow tired of it quick and go back to the same old call of duty.

EA just needs to have some balls and spend a good chunk of change on marketing and promotion.

Rival Activision in this, and you will have a legitimate shot at rivaling their product.

Make people choose, its that simple.

Most publishers fear call of duty, so they end up pushing their games to the following year.

I bet if games like GTA, Halo, Grandturismo all launched on the same exact dates, call of duty will suffer more so than the other games for the simple fact call of duty is already the highest selling ip thus far and could only go down from here if the competition gets intense.

But until then, nothing will change unless people grow tired and despite what many on here say, the majority of the casuals who buy these out of popularity will continue to buy into activision's product.

I am glad uncharted 3 is coming out in November, this to me means naughty dog is very confident in their product and that to me means one hell of a game from a very proven developer.

If the world is to end in 2012, then i want it to end with the big shots going at it in a major clash for our cash.

Make people hurt financially, make it happen EA. I want to see the turn red and bleed, well not really lol but you know what i mean.
gypsygib  +   1348d ago
I've purchased 3 out of the last 4 COD games and plan on getting BF3. Mostly because the MP in BFBC2 was better than anything COD offers and also because COD hasn't really improved on anything since COD4 so I'm just bored with it.

Also, MW2 story was such crap I don't care what happens anymore. It totally lost that being in a war feeling that COD4 had.
The Hillman  +   1348d ago
Totally misleading title and it completely mis-quotes Pachter - he doesn't say anything of the sort.

As if a market analyst would be against competition in any market.
MasterD919  +   1348d ago
COD needs to step it up if they want to compete with BF3.

Better not be a rehash with new maps and guns...

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