This is What a 40,000 Yen Limited Edition Looks Like

Famitsu shares screens of the new PS3 Super Robot Wars OG game, and a pic of the pricey LE.
That's the "Complete BD Box" limited edition for 2nd Super Robot Wars OG, the new PS3 Super Robot Wars OG game that was revealed in this week's Famitsu. The LE includes a copy of the game, a four disc Blu-ray set of the Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector television anime, a booklet about the anime, and a package with art from The Inspector character designer Risa Ebata.

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Scrotie_McBoogerball2743d ago

40,000 Yen???

Whats that equal to in Australian dollars these days, like 15-20 bucks lol...?


No really I doubt this is worth the $458.32AU it would cost you...