Dirt 3 To Require Online Pass

TGH Writes: "We got word that it is now been confirmed that DiRT 3 will require an online pass for play. It seems now that even Codemasters is getting into the act that EA seems to have created for their online games."

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Rob9462769d ago

Wasn't really expecting this, looks like most games are gonna do this from now on.

AdrianHD2769d ago

Lame. I wouldn't this though if they kept their servers up. I still can't complete NBA Street Homecourt because of that.

jukins2769d ago

dammit i just sent mlb the show back to gamefly for this i keep forgetting to look stuff like this up.

badkolo2769d ago

wait wait wait, this online pass, do we have to pay for it, becuase of so dirt3 is scrapped, aint paying twice.

Winkle922769d ago

All new copies come with the code free of charge. However, if you buy it used and you want to play online, you must buy the code. The code is ten bucks to buy off the marketplace. So buy new if you don't want to pay an extra 10 bucks.

t0mmyb0y2768d ago

Thanks for the info :) would be dumb to charge people more just to play online day one

earbus2769d ago

Day one for me code will be just to get the preowned market.

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The story is too old to be commented.