Update on PSN Password Reset Process

PS Blog: We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page. Contrary to some reports, there was no hack involved. In the process of resetting of passwords there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed.

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Seraphemz2707d ago

Great... people just jump to conclusions...
I reset my password on my PS3 and been loving SOCOM, and LA Noire..

metsgaming2707d ago

most people should have already reset their passwords, why wait days to do so?

Nitrowolf22707d ago

Not everyone been able to do it through the PS3 apparently.

Also the media needs to stop spreading lies. They take one rumor and twist it into facts.

tehpees32707d ago

thought so. once again the press is blowing it way out of proportion

Godmars2902707d ago

What online component does LA Noir have?

Seraphemz2707d ago

There is no just loving the game lol..and wanted to mention it.

koehler832707d ago

Nobody jumped to conclusions. The exploit was real. They JUST ADMITTED IT. Changing your password didn't matter. The exploit let someone circumvent your password, whether it was changed or not.

What you need to change is your associated email.

gamingdroid2707d ago

Next, Sony wants you to change your Date of Birth, since they just opened another security hole while fixing this one!

MaximusPrime2707d ago

Better news than all those whining articles

ThatArtGuy2707d ago

You mean *actual* news as opposed to editorials, conjecture, and outright lies? Yeah, I agree.

awiseman2707d ago

URL exploit is still a form of phishing and can result in a stolen password. To most people that constitutes hacking.

Silly gameAr2707d ago

People are just waiting for something, even a little problem so they can blow it out of proportion. Hack and negative PSN news is what gets approved the fastest on N4G. They feed off of that negative Sony news.

Daniel_Williamson_352707d ago

Im just happy that this turn out to be nothing more than a malicious rumour. Sony and its fans have been through crap over the last month, and the last thing we want is more bad news.

Just get this all over and done with, and people will forget this even happened soon enough.

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