CVG's E3 2011 Awards: Voting now open!

E3 2011. The stage is set for one of the biggest shows in video games history to arrive in just under three weeks. The mammoth Los Angeles event is bound to to throw up unforeseen shocks, head-bending revelations - and give us our first meaty taste of some of the finest video games of the year.

But which of the hundreds of titles set to be shown at the event are you most looking forward to?

Today, CVG launches its first formal E3 Awards - kicking off with our 'Most Anticipated' category. And you, dear reader, have the power to be judge, jury and executioner.

(All right, not quite executioner. But the power of deciding a victor is firmly in your hands, okay?)

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mandf2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

CVG is the worst video game website right next to bruceongames. They never have interviews, or news. They post flamebait constantly. All there articles are copied from other websites and rewritten to their liking to maximize hits. Every article ends in a question mark. (except this one)

They should at least wait until E3 is over to have polls. It's pointless because no one knows what E3 will bring. They should have made an article on "What game do you most want to see at E3?"

tehpees32739d ago

voted for the last guardian

chanmasta2739d ago

@ mandf; Wow... What a fail comment. I don't use CVG, but I clicked on the news section and saw a bunch of news, a couple of interviews, and didn't see one article with a question mark.
Also, if you actually CLICKED on the article you would have seen three huge boxes with "Which E3 2011 games are you most looking forward to?" as a title.


Rikan2739d ago

Good point, BUT: What is it with people saying 'derp' all the time? That was 'fun' for about 10 minutes 6 years ago. Is it 'cool' again with today's high-school kids? Give it a rest already.