TGH: Virtua Tennis 4 Review

TGH Writes: "Get ready to hit the court in Virtua Tennis 4. A long beloved series for SEGA fans and has been on a long hiatus since 2007’s Virtua Tennis 3 which scored favorable and some average scores. This iteration is the first to not have an arcade release for the series. SEGA hopes to make Virtua Tennis 4 fly high above its competition with a robust online and complete motion control functionality on Playstation 3’s Move, Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii Motion-Plus. Can this classic franchise score an ace or does it miss it’s mark and get called out."

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Rob9462764d ago

Haven't played a tennis game in a long while, might give this 1 a go some day.

ShadyDevil2764d ago

Amazing game, a lot of fun. Worth every penny.