Sex In Video Games: What Bioware Could Learn From The Witcher 2

Geek Revolt writes "The Witcher 2 came out yesterday (in America)—but it’s love scenes are already floating around the Internet. The scenes are risky, yet they’re far from pornographic. They raise the bar for sex in video games, especially in RPGs. This brings us to Bioware; their video games feature a lot of sex (or implied sex). Unfortunately, they’re not getting the most out of these scenes, here are a couple of things they can learn from CD Projekt Red’s approach to sex in video games."

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gillri2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

sex in games = lame

just imply it please, and then cut to sexy woman putting her bra back on and the bloke putting 'the boys back in the barracks '

Croash2765d ago

So sex in books = good.
Sex in movies = good.
Sex in paintings = good.

Sex in games = lame?

Hey, breaking news, video games = art.

DeeZee2765d ago

Yeah, it can add to the game if it's done right, and not just for cheap thrills. It's only lame if the developers make it that way.

tehpees32765d ago

Bioware should just say "scru u fox newz" and go all the way

digitaleraser2765d ago

It depends entirely how it's in books, movies, paintings, and games can be artistic, or it can be tacky. Too often it ends up tacky.

Also, to the article writer: I think you meant to start that second sentence "the scenes are risque..."

gillri2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

So what good sex scenes have you seen in movies?
Or what truly brilliant have sex scenes in them?

they dont, and thats for a is better when its implied

they can work in books, and I dont know what painting you have been looking at but the actual act sex is rarely portrayed in paintings again because implying it is ultimately far more satisfying

sex in movies isnt right IMO and in games its worse

reznik_zerosum2765d ago

guys go and see user negative reviews in Metacritics - Hilarious !!!

quotes :
"CD Project releases another misogynistic jaunt into the Mary Sue world of 'the witcher

"I'm Commander Shepard and this is NOT my favorite game on the citadel."

"You play a badly scarred grey-haired old man in leather trousers, to whom a procession of identically-shaped redheads surrender themselves sexually after three lines of astonishingly bad dialogue."

"My PC couldn't even run it. " IMAO

"This is worse than the origional Witcher, which as we all know was a trainwreck of a game."

ROFL this is fucking sad,trol fucking world !

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yamzilla2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

bioware just needs to take notes from the witcher 2 on EVERYTHING CD Projeckt have done

The graphics make dragon age, mass effect even running on a high end pc look 5 years old

The gameplay is deep, complex, strategic, but still full of action, dragon age 2 has decended into a button masher

The Story is wide, dark, mature and full of emotion, the characters are complex and well developed, bioware is still pretty good in this regard.

The DLC is FREE, FREE!!! Suck on that EA/Bioware

All in all when you put Mass Effect1,2,3 Dragon Age 1,2 and inevitable 3 next to witcher 2...Witcher 2 is the only one left standing in a room filled with corpses of Bioware's Folly

TheoreticalParticle2765d ago

Here's why I hate games that have sex but no nudity. It reinforces the image that there is a line in video games that video games should not cross. Games like Rumble Roses and Dead or Alive Volleyball where they tiptoe up to the line and repeatedly refuse to cross it only serve to say, "Look, this is as far as we can go. We can't go any further. Nudity's just not allowed."

So, kudos to CD Projekt Red for pushing an envelope that needed to be pushed.