Modern Warfare 3 Release Date Could Change November Lineup

JI writes: "Activision has announced First Person Shooter Modern Warfare 3: America Under Siege and begun the massive marketing campaign that we all knew was inevitably coming to us this year from the Call of Duty camp (see what I did there?). Call of Duty titles typically move other games out of the way. When their November release dates are announced you can see each year that a great deal of major titles position themselves to be outside of the November release window as to not clash with the First Person Shooter titan. This year things will likely go the same route, or will it?"

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Hitman07692742d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I'm really interested to see what the final release date will be for all of these games that are so far away. At first it seemed like it was going to be all out epic. Now Gears 3 is likely hitting September while Mass Effect 3 took their release date outside of 2011.

@Below: it was said to be November by major retailers until recently.

newhumanbreed2741d ago

Gears has always been dated for September.


You know how I feel about this topic they stay the course but it's gonna hurt sales...too many big dawgs fighting for this spot...some will move others will not. One title or another will cause a consumer to pick that game over's just going to happen.

Thatguy-3102741d ago

Most games will be delayed in fear of losing profit against COD but as long as UNcharted 3 comes out in that month ill be just fine..Naughty Dog knows that Uncharted 3 can stand its ground against COD since its not geared to a similar crowd...Assassins creed survived last year with COD dont see why Uncharted cant.

JeffGUNZ2741d ago

No hitman, it has been September 20th ever since they pushed it back from this past April. Do you have proof showing it to be a november release date, because it looks like you just threw another big name title in there to beef up your article.

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Hayabusawoman132742d ago

Nice... I'm interested to see how this all turns out.. Either way I better start saving up my money looks like I'll be spending alot of money come November for sure, earlier if release dates get moved. I'm ready , let me at them... :)

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Kamikaze1352741d ago

If a developer announces a game for a November release knowing full well a CoD game is being released then even if it HASNT been announced, then changes the release date after it does....shame on them.

Killa_Cobra_ST2741d ago

Agreed, everyone knows a CoD game will be released every year around November, so they shouldn't be announcing release dates for November if they're worried about CoD taking all the limelight

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