The Witcher 2 -- first DLC gets trailer

TVGB: "CD Projekt's sent out a trailer for Troll Trouble, the first of several free add-ons on the way for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings."

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_LarZen_2768d ago

God I hate DLC...only good thing about this one is that it's free.

Perkel2768d ago

All DLC for witcher will be free. So i don't know what you don't like in DLC ;)

Also it's not some stupid jacket ;) but a full quest and funny one :)

BlackKnight2768d ago

DLC is fine if it is free. Even DLC that costs is fine as long as the price makes sense for the content.

Rehashed maps from old games or maps that are pulled right out of single player and some stupid walls put up to put borders on the map is utter garbage. Unfortunately, a lot of DLC is just that...

Finger-Eater2768d ago

Hell yeah its free! Thanks CD Projekt.

RBLAZE19882768d ago

CD Projekt is a AAA top tier developer in my book. This game is great and these guys are talented and they are going to be the next big dogs in the industry IMO...They know how to make a good rpg

Apocwhen2768d ago

My Premium Edition arrived from Amazon today :D
Now I just have a few hours left to finish off the first one before I install it.

pr0digyZA2768d ago

Love that all dlc will be free and that none will be items but actual full quest, then they said they will release mod tools which means we can download community things, in fact they said the only thing we'll pay for would be the expansions.