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It really is only a few weeks away, but one of the first massive year-end releases (and arguably the one that will take up most of your time) has been given the Microsoft hyperbole nod with BioWare's Chris Priestly, chief Community Manager on the hotly anticipated Mass Effect, being flown all the way down under from the world up over to answer all of's super nerdy BioWare and Mass Effect questions.

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mighty_douche4070d ago

i know many will disagree with me but i just dont see this game doing that well. im sure its gonna get great reviews and score but i just dont see it appealing to the mass's, i think theres to much talking for me, sure lots of people like that but for me i want fun and action out of my games, im not interested with having a conversation with some alien thats only got pre-determined responces.

still, if this is your cup of tea, have fun and enjoy it.

green_ghost54070d ago

it may be, but that's what devs have to do if they wanna bring on a new IP........anyways I think this game will appeal broadly, I mean Bioware is an amazing developer! I like the idea to control conversations, but there will be a lot of action too, and I think everyone can agree that this is one of the best looking games out there.

bluebrad19744070d ago

I understand what your trying to say. It's a hardcore gamers game no doubt. But that won't stop it from selling 2 mil copies.

BLACKJACK VII4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I know what you mean FF has no appeal to me nor MGS. Not my cup of tea. As far as "potential disappointment", I see no validity in that statement unless you are stupid enough to buy it & you hate RPGs. But, even then, it just might open your eyes.

However, since you do not like the game & I'll bet you don't even own a 360 (judging by past comments), I think a better question would be: WHY are you reading 360 articles & commenting on a 360 game at all ??? Some would consider that TROLLING...

lynx1halo4070d ago

Mass effect...not quite shooter...not quite RPG...but 100% TRASH

JohnCarpenter4070d ago

You don't know much bout RPG's i think. Keep your trash talk.
Let gamers speak which have some knowledge about Bioware's history and RPG's generally.
"At any rate, the amount of customisation, depth, exploration, interaction and more is more than enough to warrant two purchases of this game."

lynx1halo4070d ago



lynx1halo = 100% GARBAGE

lynx1halo = 100% TROLL

lynx1halo = 100% LOSER

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bluebrad19744070d ago

Mass Effect will be the 3rd contender for Game of the Year.

THAMMER14070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I think Bio Shock and Halo 3 will get the most awards this year. But Mass Effect has a chance. Once it is out and people start to see what the game is all about they will pick it up. Gamers know the deal w/o flashy marketing.

blooodFrenzy924070d ago

that just because some of you guys are mad that its no coming to the ps3 you have the need to bash it and call it trash. This game is ganna be amazing my goty pick definetly

MRMagoo1234069d ago

I dont even slightly wanna play this game but i thought it might be good for xbox owners to hear bout this game.I dont own an xbox either.

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