Swedish musician reveals unannounced Xbox 360/PC project: "Legio"

In an interview with the heavy metal/hard rock news website, Swedish melodic metal band "Supreme Majesty" keyboardist Mattias Holmgren reveals that he has signed with Ice Concept Studios to compose music for an upcoming Xbox 360 and PC game titled "Legio".

This is an unannounced and previously unknown title. Ice Concept Studios' website (see alternative sources below) clarifies that "Legio" is the working title for a strategy game set in a fantasy world that will be released in early 2008. The website has 25 concept arts, 3 of which are attached below; (the rest are probably unrelated to the game.) No further information is available.

In addition, Holmgren says he is working on "Furiae" for Resolution Interactive. According to Resolution Interacitive's website, "Furiae" is a game for mobile phone.

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JokesOnYou4070d ago

We've never heard of this game and its going to be released in Early 2008?


predator4070d ago

more games for the 360, i dont mind