Never Prepared for Disaster: April 2011 NPD Monthly Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

Software sales pad the industry in April while both Sony and Nintendo make controversial business decisions. Full in-depth analysis and colorful commentary by John "Black Luigi" Lucas.

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MultiConsoleGamer2563d ago

I'm very happy "Portal Kombat" had such a good showing. I really enjoyed both games. And I'll still be playing MK months from now.

Bnet3432563d ago

Portal Kombat AKA Noob Saibot's Babality:

stealth500k2563d ago

the 3ds is outpacing the ds sales worldwide right now. Thats all I need to know about the 3ds. Pretending like the sales going down means anything is pretty low when most systems at launch go down and then go up when games come out.

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