Street Fighter IV Capcom Gamers' Day 07 Franchise Interview HD

Gametrailers learn about the newest installment to the Street Fighter series and get an in-depth look at Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

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bloop4047d ago

Cell shading for SF IV???? Cool. Lets just hope the in game fighting can match the action of the trailer!!!! Service records on HD remix is cool too, but come on Capcom, release it already!!!!!!!

AquaTunaLad4047d ago

That dude didn't mention cell-shading anywhere. Most likely it is going to be 3D. Let's just hope it isn't like that God forsaken EX series...what a Virtual Fighter rip-off.

bloop4047d ago

He didnt mention cell shading, but the trailer was cell-shaded and cell-shading is 3d. He was saying you can take a lot from the trailer as to what direction they're taking, so I just put 2 & 2 together that it might be cell-shaded. And yeah, the EX series was pretty awful alright, but having said that, I think Virtua Fighter is pretty awful too :-P

specdoTsign4047d ago

The guys at Capcom didn't make the EX series. It was that Akira company. NO worries though, I'm predicting a Okami like animation style to SFIV. Can't wait!
Also, they seem to be doing a really nice job with SSFIIHDR. I'm impressed.