IGN Army of Two Progress Report; "merc training and multiplayer modes"

"The first thing that we leapt into was an extensive training mission based upon the difficulty level we selected. Army of Two will feature three different levels: Recruit, Contractor and Operative, each with a snarky comment on the choice selected. For instance, the hardest level, Operative, stated, "You have balls the size of Texas, and the guns to back them up." However, it really managed to encapsulate the smart aleck nature of the two main characters, Salem and Rios, as they embarked upon their training. Curiously, the two soldiers weren't on a private military course, but were instead in a Army Rangers training camp situated just outside of Mogadishu. In fact, you don't start as mercenaries, but as Rangers working on your skills. Here, both Salem and Rios were introduced into a number of their moves that they'd be using in the field, such as sliding into cover, performing co-op snipe maneuvers on explosives to clear traps, and blind firing, which helped boost each player's aggro levels". -IGN

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Uhhhhhhhh... what progress is there to report ???