What Happened to Sim City?

Geoff Calver of The Big Pixels asks what's happened to Sim City?

While a vibrant community continues to revolve around Sim City 4, players are getting impatient in the seven years since it's release. What's taking so long?

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Saryk2765d ago

Simcity is one of the very few games that I can lose myself. I also wonder why it is taking them so long to create a new game.

JohnnyMann4202765d ago

Yeah I completely agree. They need to do a proper Sim City 5 and stop wasting time on the projects like "Sim City Destinations"

Cool article.

v0rt3x2765d ago

yea I miss it too. What's Will Wright up to anyway? :(

FighterJoe2765d ago

EA is what happened sadly.

JohnnyMann4202765d ago

That's not true. I get what you are trying to say because that was the issue back in the day, but it isn't like that anymore. Sim City 4 was EA and so was Sims 1-3.

They were pretty supportive of Will Wright before his retirement.

FighterJoe2765d ago

Yes they were EA back then but EA just got worse. Unless Sim City didn't sell enough they have no real excuse. It seems to me all EA want from Maxis is to bleed the "Sims" franchise of a 1000 more useless addons.

Whatever the case it is time for a return IMO, and not with some rubbish like societies.