Gamespot Gives Zack & Wiki an 8.5

Zack & Wiki is a delightful blend of the Wii's motion-sensing technology and challenging yet approachable puzzle design.

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DeckUKold4072d ago

I'm very surprised of these ratings i thought it wasn't gonna reach the 8's

Gamespot-equals-EGM4072d ago

Sounds like Rachet and Clank's dyslexic cousin.

Prismo_Fillusion4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Do you know what dyslexic means?

Gamespot-equals-EGM4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

i'm in graduate school. what are you? still a lowly undergrad? or even worse a high-schooler?

just saying the ppl who named this game bit off of rachet and clank (2 syllabes + 1 syllables). do i have to explain everything to people?

btw, you spelled dyslexic wrong genius.

Prismo_Fillusion4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I graduated from Penn State with a B.S. degree last fall.
I'm not sure people with dyslexia often switch around the number of syllables in words, but in any case I was just kidding. Don't take this kind of stuff too seriously. :p

eclipsegryph4072d ago


Typing with little to no grammar skills and acting like an injured child when someone asks you a valid question is not going to lend any credibility to your claim of being a graduate student. Not that you need to prove yourself to anyone on the Internet or anything.

Personally I also thought your comment made no sense. Switching around syllables does not dyslexia make. Now if the game was titled "Clatchet and Rank" you might be on to something.

PS360WII4072d ago

quit trying to belittle someone because they don't speell good. It's as childish as calling some1 gay. This is a gaming forum not gramemer shcool. There are also many forms of dyslexia which can switch letters/numbers around and some with words around. I have a small form of it but can usually cope unless it's a bunch of numbers together then I can usually get it wrong. I remember when I was at a retail job back in the day and I kept freaking people out with a hugh price tag then saying oh wait I meant...

So just continue the conversation and if you don't have a comeback then don't try to change the subject by saying your stupic and cn't spell. ner that's just silly

eclipsegryph4072d ago


I'm unsure if your comment was aimed at me or not, but regardless, that condition you had mentioned about switching around numbers might be a case of dyscalculia - . I'm just mentioning it in case you weren't aware. My wife had to go through some pretty tough times because she couldn't understand why numbers wouldn't "work" for her, and was accused of feigning ignorance and whatnot. She was great with words, just not numbers. Anyway, I just don't want to see anyone else go through that sort of thing, so I thought I'd mention it.

PS360WII4072d ago

thanks for that ^^ and no it wasn't directed at you more towards the gamestop guy. I see that from so many people. They get in an arguement over something and instead of arguing the points then they just call each other names and then it turns into a gammer correction dealy like actually it's well not good you ingrate and this that and whatever. I just find it funny thats all.

eclipsegryph4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )


Glad I could help. :)

Ah, gotcha. I completely agree with you about how those with little backing to their opinions tend to take the conversation into the weeds with childish jabs to spelling and grammar.

I was just curious, since I have a habit of doing that sort of thing myself, though with the intent to help someone, and not distract them from my weak debate. I find that someone who both has good points and the ability to present them well will have their comments and opinions taken more seriously than those who lack one or both of them.

That is to say, you can be the most eloquent, grammatically correct bugger in the world, but that doesn't mean a lick if you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Conversely, if you have great opinions and points to make and are knolwedgeable about a topic, you may not get taken as seriously as you deserve due to a laxidasical writing style, or overall poor spelling and grammar.

That's just my experience, though. Your mileage may vary. I don't frequent messageboards and their ilk too often, so grammar and spelling may not be as important in those places as in others.

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Prismo_Fillusion4072d ago

Really good reviews so far. And as the IGN review said "This is more of an adult game than it is a child's game" (not exact quote, but 95% the same).

Not sure if I'll buy it or rent it though. I'd love to support Capcom and their awesome current streak of Wii games, but my bank account says differently! :)

Rooftrellen4072d ago

The flood of incoming games that are going to be great make this one secondary for me, as well.

I want it, but there are about 10 games before the end of the year I want.

However, most likely, I'll just wait to get this one until next summer, and buy it in a games drought, because I really want to own it, not just rent it.

alaaji4072d ago

The guys at IGN have been raving about this game ever since they played the first demo and now Gamespot (of all places) has given it a decent review. I'd love to own it but I am going to have to wait as well. I'll probably pick it up next year sometime.

RiceFiend4072d ago

I would say this is an adult game in the respect that it uses more brain power than any mindless shooter ever would(i.e. Halo 3), but of course this is open to debate. This is not saying that I'm a Wii fanboy or a fan of this game, as I probably don't intend to buy this game(damn you rising college tuition fees!).

eclipsegryph4072d ago

I think you're allowed to enjoy or admire a Wii game and still not be considered a fanboy. :p

shysun4072d ago

Good score,injoy Wii owners.I still don't understand the Wii.

Prismo_Fillusion4072d ago

It's a gaming system. You play games with it for fun.

eclipsegryph4072d ago


Holy crap, are you sure? I've been using mine to make cappuccino! No wonder my wife was so ticked off...

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