Michael Bay Still Upset By Format War "Blu-ray is where my money is."

Bay caused a brouhaha on his blog ( by voicing his displeasure that Transformers would not be available on Blu-ray and that he was rethinking his plan to direct a sequel. The next day he backpedaled, but he is still upset about the format war.

"It's short-sighted and it has delayed consumers' moving to HD (home video)," he says. "As a director, my critical eye is that Blu-ray is where my money is. Consumers are smart, and they are going to wait it out."

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xhi44042d ago

very interesting.

However I must say, consumers aren't always that smart, bias is a large factor, they don't think 'Oh yeah 100 Gigabytes is better than 51, or 50 is better than 30", if the salesman is pro-microsoft they will say "yes blu-ray is an option, however, you want to get a HD-DVD because Transformers is coming out on HD-DVD and I mean what else is coming out on Blu-Ray?"

This is what a Myer salesman told me, if I was not aware of the specs and information about the formats I would be easily swayed to HD-DVD.

I then asked the salesman why he thought HD-DVD was better, he did not mention anything about space capacity he said this "well it's backed by Microsoft, so you know its good quality."

I was taken aback and a bit shocked to be honest, so then I questioned him with questions like "But isn't 50Gb better than 30, isn't 100 GB better than 51GB?"

And he got very defensive, and continued to hit the same point of Microsoft backing it so you know it's going to win.

So you know, it isn't always the consumers fault, many many people are unawares of the features, specifications and are blindsighted. I mean you'd think, double the storage capacity = better technology = more sales, but consumers don't even know anything about that, so at the moment it seems very airy fairy and out there.

I remember another salesman said Plasma was outselling LCD and LCD was far worse to Plasma, then I questioned him about bruned in images, viewing angles, brightness, contrast ratios and he was taken aback than I actually knew my stuff.

Anyway I hope the better technology wins, because well, I want better technology, I'd like to back up my whole hard rive on one blu-ray, not multiple hd-dvds etc.

Blu-Ray for me mate!

(bubbles ;P)

Jdash244042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

nice comment

bubbles for you :P

@thesadtruth.......i know......i wasnt commenting on this article, just on xhi4s comment....i know this isnt gaming news, i wasnt the one that approved it

TheSadTruth4042d ago

This article is flame-bait, if you READ the actual article Bay does not say ANYTHING new about Blu-Ray. The title of this "news" is completely fake.

Marceles4042d ago

What he said about bluray is even at the top of the page in "quotes". It is something new after he was saying how awesome the Transformers HD-DVD was, now he's backpedaling back to the blu-ray camp. Just makes him look even more stupid for being ok with the paramount move in the first place

marinelife94042d ago

I'd be hot too. That move cost him millions in sales.

Crazyglues4042d ago

Very well said and written. I agree with you, I don't think consumers are that smart about Blu-ray vs HD-dvd, or really don't even care.

They just want to see their movies in sweet High Definition.. so the war is completely messing up sales. As consumers are now being forced to think and choose what will be better for the long term and what format will have the better movies. All things no one wants to think about when they are just trying to see the movie in High Definition.

Sad part is the war seems as if it will go on for far too long, causing a lot of consumers to just re frame from just moving to High Definition.

Laxe4041d ago

And the moral of the story is - NEVER listen to the sales guy. Do your own research first!

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DeckUKold4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

the end of HD-DVD? possibly

EDIT; ok bubbles for # 1

Clinton5144042d ago

Not that I need to see the movie again just yet but if I do, DVD is the way to go for Blu-Ray users.

jackdoe4042d ago

I think Michael Bay is just pissed that Paramount let Spielberg choose his format for his movies and didn't let him choose what format he wanted. He probably doesn't give a damn which format his movies go to, he just wants to get the same respect that Spielberg gets. Well, until he makes a great movie, he won't.

Kleptic4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

it is far more complicated than that...

and The Rock was ok...definitely one of the better action movies of the 90's...and as far as Bay is concerned, definitely the greatest work he will ever create...The Island was decent, sort of...and Enemy of the State was actually pretty good imo...they all have those hugely unfunny Jerry Bruckheimer attempts at humor (think pretty much everything Jack Black said in Enemy of the State)...but that unfunny crap will be in every single movie Bruckheimer is invovled in...

a certain film involving an asteroid, and Pearl Harbor are two of the worst movies in cinema history though...unforgivable imo...I understand that Bruckheimer has a whole ton to do with why those two movies I don't totally blame Bay (and it is pretty cool that he can make fun of those two potty floaters)...but he still should have just walked away from being invovled with either...

its obvious that most directors, actors, producers, etc. will all prefer BD because of its benefits to film overall...its the money grubbing corporations that say otherwise...and the only reason there even is a format war in the first place...

jackdoe4042d ago

Other directors may, but I always found Michael Bay to be pretty petty. He wouldn't change the Transformers script, and looking at the final result I wish he did, and he pretty much insulted Bruce Willis in his blog.

unlimited4042d ago

same i just buy transformer for dvd..looks better anyways. transformer would of sell like crazy if it was on blue ray